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Tenancy Policy GetSetHome team showing the Tenancy Policy to new tenants living in pg accommodation on rent.

Your stay at our property will be governed in accordance to our tenancy policy.

Booking Policy
  • Interested tenants can reserve desired inventory (bed/room/house) by paying a token amount which is adjusted in the security deposit amount on move in. Incase of cancellation of transaction, token amount is NON-REFUNDABLE.
  • For Hostel Stay properties at GetSetHome, there is a lock-in of 11 months at the property. We follow a monthly billing cycle starting from the 1st of every month irrespective of the date of move-in. All contracts are for 11 months and in case the tenant needs post completion of the lock-in period, there is an option to vacate by serving a notice of 30 days. A notice period of 30 days is applicable both ways.
  • At GetSetHome, we do not charge any move-in or move-out charges. However, few housing societies do have such charges which we have highlighted on the property page with the amount payable as it may differ across societies. We would like to clarify that these charges are not inclusive in our offering and that it needs to be paid by the tenant at the society office directly before moving in and collecting receipt and sharing a copy for our record.
General Policy
  • GetSetHome will allow check-in strictly between 11.00 am to 7.00 pm in the evening on all days. No check-ins will be allowed before or after the mentioned time as society offices are non-operational for permissions. Tenants are requested to plan their move ins / travel schedules accordingly.
  • GetSetHome treats all its employees, service providers including housekeeping, security and food vendors with dignity and respect. It is expected that tenants also uphold this principle in their dealings with all representatives and service providers of GetSetHome.
  • Ragging or Bullying in any form whatsoever is strictly prohibited and is a cognizable offence under the Indian Penal Code, 1860. Any such instance reported of ragging brought to the notice of GetSetHome will lead to the appropriate legal action.
  • GetSetHome endeavors to give its tenants the best of all facilities and amenities. Our Homes are furnished as per our standard offerings and therefore, any requests on adding furniture units or appliances, or getting their own furniture / appliance units will not be entertained.
  • Used bed sheet, pillow cover, pillow and blanket may lead to dust-mite infestation or high levels of fungal spores and therefore we do not provide as an inclusion of the offering. For hygiene reasons, GetSetHome recommends you to place a request to our team to deliver a set of fresh pillow, pillow cover and bed sheet by writing an email on [email protected]. The kit is priced at Rs.550/- inclusive of taxes and will be added to your next month invoice.
  • GetSetHome provides a co-living space and not a service apartment. Therefore, we do not promise household items such as dinner sets, cooking utensils, cutlery, etc. to be in brand new condition.
  • Furnishings at properties are provided as per GetSetHome standards. GetSetHome at its discretion can change / replace / modify any furniture / appliance at any time.
  • GetSetHome provides standard furnishings and mattress which is best suited to all. In case any tenant has specific health related concerns, tenants can arrange for their own mattress in such cases with prior permission from GetSetHome.
  • For any kind of complaints, requests or issues tenants are expected to raise a service ticket using the online dashboard only. GetSetHome will not be responsible for fixing any issues raised using other media such as phone calls/email/sms or other platforms.
  • Any kind of internal disputes/fights among the tenants should be resolved among the flatmates. We suggest not to involve GetSetHome in these discussions as it may turn out to be non-beneficial.
  • We provide maid/caretaker services limited to sweeping, mopping and utensil wash once in a day and toilet cleaning once in a week only. Incase of cleanliness related concerns, tenants are expected to speak directly with the maid/caretaker to address their concerns.
  • All issues reported within 48 hours of move-in by raising a service ticket from the dashboard will be considered and fixed without any cost implication to you. (Verbal communication to anyone including ground staff, caretaker, etc will not be considered as reported).
  • For internal transfer requests within GetSetHome properties, stay duration at new property has to be more than 30 days else internal movement will not be possible. Internal transfer will need a minimum of 3 days advance notice and approval from GetSetHome team to comply with society laws. Agreement and police verification re-making charges will be applicable depending on the local laws pertaining to the respective cities / areas. Incase tenant was on exit notice period at previous property and has requested for internal transfer, the earlier exit notice will be treated void and tenants will have to serve notice again as per tenancy policy.
  • Tenants are expected to serve 30 days prior notice to vacate property on completion of their agreed upon tenure. Incase of no exit notice being served, tenure will be auto renewed with revised commercials and details of revision will be shared on your registered contact details.
  • GetSetHome decision will be held final in situations and holds the authority to give notice to any tenant to vacate the flat at any point of time in case of breach of any terms of the tenancy policy.
  • Any disputes related to rent or any reimbursements added to the monthly invoices should be flagged to our customer experience team by writing an email to [email protected] as per the process laid out, and such requests will be actioned upon basis the timelines mentioned by GetSetHome. However, any pending disputes in rent should not be a reason for not making timely payments.
Package Inclusions

At GetSetHome, we try best to add convenience to our customers and therefore, we offer the following complimentary services:

  • Monthly Cooking Gas charges up to one cylinder refill a month.
  • One DTH connection with a standard package covering mostly all top-viewed channels across various genres and languages. In case of any specific channel to be viewed, tenants can pay on actuals to service providers directly to avail of the services.
    Note: DTH is not offered in all properties, please check on the property page for the inclusion of services before booking.
  • Wi-Fi Connection and Unlimited Internet package with minimum of 1Mbps speed limit (subject to availability in the area) is provided. The services are owned and managed by a 3rd party and therefore, GetSetHome have no control on their up time/service.
  • Maid services include only housekeeping viz. sweeping, mopping, utensils washing on a daily basis and bathroom cleaning once in a week.
  • Please note that the above services are offered as complimentary from GetSetHome and creates no liability on GetSetHome incase of downtime.
Package Exclusions
  • For clarity, the package does not include an electricity bill. The actual electricity bill amount for the month will be split in equal to the total number of people staying in the apartment for the respective month.
  • Cost for agreement, police verification or any other compliance documents required by society/local authority will be charged as per actuals. Please read our FAQ's for more information.
  • Access to Clubhouse or other amenities of the society are at the sole discretion of the society to allow or deny tenants to use these facilities. In case the access is granted, charges to be borne by tenants to use the facilities.
  • Car/Bike/Scooter parking provision and charges are subject to permission and availability from the society and home owner.
  • We provide maintenance visits to add convenience to our tenants and to save their effort and time to find solutions and fix things. All repair services are provided by GetSetHome to make your stay convenient however these are additional services and are chargeable. It is not a part of the rent. Please read our FAQ's for more information.
  • Anything not mentioned in the "Package Inclusion" section above.
  • Food or any other house consumable is not provided by GetSetHome and is not a part of the package.

As per local laws, it is mandated for tenants to submit registered agreement copy, their documents and police verification before moving into the apartment. Also, as per society bye laws, a copy of tenant's police verification needs to be submitted in the society office before moving in.

Below is the list of documents to be submitted 10 days before move in date as per housing society bye-laws:

  • PAN Card
  • Aadhar Card OR Passport Copy OR Driving License OR Voters ID
  • Current Year College ID Card / College Fee Receipt of the current year

GetSetHome will not be responsible for any discomfort caused during move-in due to delay in document submissions.

GetSetHome will provide assistance to complete agreement and police verification formalities, however the charges on actuals are to be borne by the tenants.

Agreement, Police Verification & C-Form

GetSetHome will provide assistance to complete agreement and police verification formalities, however the dependency is on government bodies and that incase of delay, tenants are expected to keep patience and cooperate. No compensation will be honored for the delay.

Tenants will be required to pay Rs.2500 non-refundable charges to GetSetHome towards the services provided for registering Leave and License Agreement with the Sub-registrar and Police Verification with the local Police Station.

Please note that:

  • These charges need to be paid before move-in date for us to initiate the agreement registering process.
  • GetSetHome will not be responsible for any delay in police verification or execution of leave and license agreement due to delay from either the Tenant, Owner or the police.
  • If during the tenure of the stay, the tenant shifts to another house managed by GetSetHome, then the charges will need to be paid again by the tenant as per the Rent Control Act of India.
  • These charges will need to be paid again by the Tenant at the time of renewal / re-execution of Leave and License agreement.
  • Registration of Leave and License agreements are now processed online for Aadhar Card holders and therefore will need tenants to be available for biometric verification. The above said charge factors only one visit for biometric verification. Incase tenant re-schedules or cancels biometric visit, Rs.500 will be charged additional for each cancellation as these are government agency charges per visit.
  • For International guests moving in for a long term stay, as per Indian Law every guest needs to submit C-form which is issued from Commissioners Office in respective city. Guests are requested to complete necessary formalities and ensure they hold a valid C-form for a time period relevant to their stay. To make it convenient, below are the documents required for processing C-from:
    • Original Passport with Validity of 12 months and more.
    • Visa with validity for 60 days or more.
    • Letter from Institute / Company with guest's name and purpose of visit.
Token Payment Terms

As per our policy, for token payment received, we reserve the unit/inventory for the next 48 hours only. To confirm the stay, the tenant has to make a balance payment of the security deposit and rent as per agreed terms to avoid cancellation of the booking.

Post 48 hours, in case of non-payment, the inventory will be released and the tenant will have to book again with a new token payment for the reservation. In case the tenant has paid the security deposit and decides to cancel / delay move-in, the monthly rental terms as agreed will be applicable as per policy with no exceptions for delayed or no move-ins.

Rental Payment Terms

The tenant will be required to pay advance rent for 11 months before move-in. The advance payment will be settled towards monthly rent for your stay at the hostel for the duration of 11 months. However, the invoice generated towards exclusions such as your electricity bill share, repair, maintenance, etc. needs to be cleared on a monthly basis before the 5th of the month.

All delayed payments shall attract a late payment fee:

  • Between 5th to 10th of the month: Rs.500/-
  • After the 10th of the month: Rs.100/- per day for the no. of days delayed.
Security Deposit Terms

To make it affordable, on paying upfront advance rent for 11 months we take only ONE month of rent as a security deposit before moving in. In case of split in advance payment is requested, then THREE months rent as a security deposit to be paid before move-in.

The token amount paid while booking the bed is adjusted in the total payable deposit amount.

It is mandatory for every tenant to pay a deposit amount in advance before moving in. As per our policy, house keys will be handed over to tenants only after receiving the deposit amount.

Electricity Bill Payment Terms
  • Your electricity bill at Hostel stays includes your share of the electricity bill for electricity consumed in the apartment/room and the common areas of the hostel such as the common chill out area, lift, laundry areas, etc. The bill of the common area will also be equally split between the no. of tenants residing in the hostel.
  • GetSetHome pays electricity bills on behalf of tenants as value-add services to avoid delayed payment by tenants resulting in disconnection of services and to avoid conflicts of opinion and collection of individual share amongst co-tenants.
  • Electricity bill is generated by the Electricity board and that GetSetHome is nowhere responsible for unit consumption or calculation of bill amount generated. GetSetHome uses online payment methods to pay the electricity bills and in case of delayed receipt by the Electricity Board, GetSetHome will not be held responsible.
  • Electric fuse out at the property is due to either high consumption of electricity or due to use of faulty appliances / adapter / chargers. Incase if electric fuse out, tenants are expected to arrange for local electricians and fix the issue at their own cost.
  • Electricity bill is auto split as per GetSetHome tenancy policy basis no. of days of stay in a month of a tenant based on their tenure mapping in our records. No exceptions will be considered for tenants being away from property due to their travel schedules.
  • In case a tenant decides to install cooler/air conditioner/any appliance which will be powered by electricity, an average of last two months' bill will be considered to decide upon base amount which will be split amongst all tenants staying in the property and the additional amount will be split in equal amongst tenants sharing the room. In case co-tenants sharing the room have concerns over electricity bill contribution, this needs to be discussed internally for agreeable resolution.
  • In case the property already has air condition fittings installed by the homeowner, GetSetHome does not permit the usage of the air-condition by any individual unless confirmed with a written permission. If such an instance is brought to notice, Rs.1200 will be billed as monthly rental for use of Air Condition / Cooler. In either case, any damage / maintenance issues related to air condition (gas refilling, coiling replacement, gas leakage, compressor repair,etc.) will be charged to the tenants on the actual cost of repair / services.
  • In case of any concerns related to the electricity bill amount, tenants will have to directly raise complaints with the Electricity Board. GetSetHome provides additional services of paying electricity bills on behalf of tenants on a timely basis to ensure there is not downtime in the services and to make bill distribution convenient for tenants. However, this creates no liability on GetSetHome as the electricity services are managed and owned by third parties.
  • In case of no electricity bill generated / considerably lesser than the average electricity bill generated for any property for a particular month, then standard charges of Rs.300 per person as an electricity bill share will be added to the monthly rent invoice.
  • Incase you own an Electric Vehicle(EV) and have a requirement for charging your EV, then the tenant will have to send an email to [email protected] with the vehicle RC book copy applying for permissions.
  • We will further reach out to the owner and society office for respective permission. Please note that we are not obliged to offer permission for this requirement. Only if homeowner and society office allows permission will we honor the request.
  • If we have received the necessary approvals for the installation of a new power connection for EV charging, the tenant owing EV will have to pay one month\'s rent equivalent as an additional security deposit over and above the 2 months\' rent as a deposit paid.
  • On receipt of the additional deposit, the tenant owing the vehicle will incur the entire cost involved for installation for PowerPoint and society charges if applicable.
  • Due to the fact that the electricity bill is divided equally amongst the tenants residing for the respective time periods, to make it fair for non-EV vehicle users and EV vehicle users, we will consider an average of electricity bills for the last 6 months and from the month EV charging is being used. The differential amount exceeding the average of 6 months will be added completely on to the tenant owning the EV. For clarity: If the average bill amount of the last 6 months for a property was Rs.3000 split between 6 tenants i.e. Rs.500 per head and post additional EV charging the monthly bill is Rs.4000, the differential amount of Rs. 1000 will be added along with average split to EV owner and total bill payment will be Rs.1500.
Payment Terms

Our website allows multiple payment options like UPI, Net Banking, Credit Card, Debit Card and Digital Wallets adding convenience to make payments online (Charges applicable). Online transaction fee will not be refunded as it is the cost of processing payments adding convenience to users.

We DO NOT accept CASH, Cheque or online transfer through NEFT/IMPS directly in our bank account.

Exit Notice

As per policy for hostel stays, we have a minimum of 11 months as a lock-in period. As per our policy, tenants are expected to serve a 30-days notice post completion of lock-in through the online system only. Tenants need to log in to their profile and use the "Serve Exit Notice" feature to submit their notice request. On acceptance, the tenant will receive a system-generated acknowledgment mail.

As per our policy, 30 days' notice is mandatory and non-negotiable under any circumstances. In case the tenant needs to leave earlier than the scheduled move-out date due to any personal reasons, he/she can leave the house. However, rent will be applicable as per the notice period and in case the rent is not paid for the remaining days, then the balance amount will be adjusted from the security deposit.

Tenants are expected to vacate the property on or before 8.00 pm in the evening on the exit date.

Extension of stay after the move-out date is totally at the discretion of GetSetHome. If any tenant finds staying post move out date, it will be considered trespassing and will be fined Rs.3000/- per day.

Tenants are expected to return the keys to the property and wardrobe at the time of exit. In case we do not find the set of keys at the time of exit inspection, we will proceed further with creating a new set of keys and the charges will be deducted as per tenant policy terms.

Tenants are expected to plan their exit from the property at their convenience. In case of an early exit from the property, rent will be calculated as per 30 days notice period. Once the tenant has exited the property, moving in again will not be allowed as per the tenancy policy.

In case of a notice served by the homeowner to discontinue services, GetSetHome will serve a 30 days notice period to Tenants. However, in case of urgency to vacate, GetSetHome will serve a reasonable notice period and provide alternate options in the close-by properties to relocate.

Refund Terms

We would like to inform you that we usually commit to refunds taking place within 20 bank working days following your exit after our exit team has completed the necessary exit formalities.

We shall deduct the following charges, if applicable, from security deposit while refunding:

  • In case the tenant doesn't serve 30 days' notice period, we shall deduct one month's rent from the deposit.
  • Any late payment penalty, unpaid utility bill, society club house facility / parking charges and damage charges caused by the tenant based on actuals and as agreed upon by accepting tenancy policy.
  • Pending electricity bill amount, will be settled from the deposit. Please read our FAQ's for more information.
  • Damage charges will be recovered as per market comparative charges to fix / replace the furniture / appliance / fittings damaged, however, fixing of damage will be at discretion of GetSetHome and may not be immediate at times.
Rules to be followed during the Stay
  • Tenants shall not consume alcohol/drugs/smoke/engage in illegal activities in the apartment.
  • For maintenance and/or showing premises to any prospective tenants, GetSetHome shall keep an extra key of the premises. It is hereby advised to all the tenants to keep their valuables locked inside the cupboards and not to leave them unattended. The HomeOwner, GetSetHome, its service partners/vendors shall not be held liable/responsible for any loss/damage/theft.
  • You would be sharing the house and room with other co-tenants. Please be kind, courteous and accommodating to your co-tenants at all times. We do not intend to interfere with your living as long as all parties are happy.
  • According to the local laws, you need to keep the music/TV volume/noise low. Please be respectful to the neighbours and keep noise to bare minimum after 8 o'clock at night.
  • Tenants shall not permit any members of the opposite gender in the apartment. Family members can visit the apartment with prior written approval of GetSetHome for permitted hours between 11.00 am to 8.00 pm. In case of any family/friend staying overnight in the apartment, it will be considered as violation of this rule and the responsible tenant will be charged a penalty of one month's rent which will be deducted from the security deposit.
  • In case of guests visiting the property, the host tenant shall be held responsible for the conduct of his/her guests in the premise and its consequences thereafter. Any financial losses incurred shall be borne by the host tenant.
  • Tenants are expected to be responsible in the house. Don't leave any electric or electronic gadgets plugged in to the power outlet or unattended on the bed. Some of the gadgets generate heat which might start a fire, when in contact with a fabric or a highly flammable material.
  • Water should be used judiciously. Tenants should report any water leakages as soon as the same is noticed by raising a service ticket. In case, water taps are left open resulting in an overflowing of water, Rs.1000 fine will be imposed per instance.
  • Incase of medical emergency related to critical or transferable illness is detected to prevent other tenants from getting infected, it is the tenants responsibility to immediately report it to GetSetHome over email.
  • In case the cost of service or repair of any furniture or appliance will be approximate or equivalent to the price of a brand-new unit, then GetSetHome's decision will be final to resolve the service ticket raised by replacing the unit.
  • Overnight stay for any guests of tenants is neither allowed nor accepted as per GetSetHome tenancy policy. In case any tenant found hosting his / her guests overnight stay at the property, charges of Rs.1500 per night will be applicable on the guest and one month rent as penalty on the tenant.
  • As per property layouts, rooms either have toilets in common areas or attached to rooms. In either case, toilets are not marked as specific for individual room usage and tenants need to be accommodative towards each other.
  • Any community / festivity contribution / charges asked by society or local area community groups, tenants are expected to share amongst themselves and pay for such charges.
  • Tenants are expected not to mess around with the property walls, doors, appliances, furniture sets and the layout of the house. GetSetHome has designed the placement of furniture in a manner as shown in the photos on the website and tenants need to maintain the same at all times.
  • GetSetHome has provided designated areas in the balcony with clothes dryers for drying clothes. We do not appreciate any clothes being left around in the property/on any furniture sets including their own/on any appliances or any other area for drying. During our visit, if we find any tenant drying clothes apart from the designated area, we will levy a penalty of Rs.500/- per instance.
  • Every house is equipped with a TV, Fridge, Washing Machine, Microwave, Cooking Induction, Iron, Water Purifier, and Geyser and the maintenance of these is the responsibility of the tenants. GetSetHome is not responsible for the cost of maintenance of any appliances.
  • A set of house keys (main door key and wardrobe key only) will be handed over when you move in. Make sure you don't lose them. In case you do, replacement will cost you Rs.500/- per key. Knowing that the property is set up as shared accommodation, we strongly recommend tenants not to lock bedroom doors irrespective of the room type opted. Any tenant found locking the bedroom door and adding discomfort to fellow roommate or our support staff by limiting access to the room will be fined Rs.1000/-.
  • Please turn off all the lights, fans, AC's, heater, geyser, mosquito-repellent machines etc and other appliances while leaving the room to save energy.
  • Property with mention of caretaker will have a caretaker residing in the property.
  • Maid services include only housekeeping viz. dusting, sweeping, mopping, bathroom cleaning (once a week) and utensils washing only (once a day). In case of cleanliness related concerns, tenants are expected to speak directly with the maid/caretaker to address their concerns. Additional service requests such as dusting, washing clothes, etc. needs to be discussed with a maid / caretaker in person and may attract additional charges.
  • As individuals, everyone needs to contribute to keep their surroundings clean and tidy. It is the responsibility of all tenants to provide cleaning materials such as dish washing soap, harpic, phenyl, broom, mopping cloth, garbage bag, etc. on a monthly basis to the maid/caretaker. During our / owners visit to property, if found that the standard hygiene is not maintained as expected, we will conduct a cleaning procedure from our end and charges of Rs.1200 will be split on tenants residing at the property per instance.
  • As per the directives of Supreme court and Ministry of Environment and Forests, dumping of WET and DRY waste together is a serious and punishable offense. We request every tenant to be responsible for the fact and maintain two separate garbage bags for dry and wet waste.
  • Tenants are expected to maintain basic etiquettes of hygiene like disposing of any leftover food or any other solid waste in the dustbin provided and not the kitchen sink. If anyone is found doing the latter there would be a penalty of Rs.250 per head​ applicable as such actions lead to clogging of the sink​​.
  • Tenants / Sub-Licensees residing in the property will not install CCTV or any sort of Survellience recording device in the room, washroom, or any common areas of the property. Please note, Under the IT Act, if a camera captures obscene electronic information, the owner of a CCTV camera can be booked under section 67, but if the camera captures sexually explicit information, it is classified as a non-bailable offense under section 67a, entailing five years of imprisonment and a fine of Rs 10 lakh.
  • Parking space is subject to availability and permission from the society. In case of unavailability, all tenants are expected to arrange parking space for their vehicles themselves. In case any tenant is found parking vehicles inside the society without permission, a penalty of Rs.1000 will be fined by GetSetHome and any additional penalty charged by the society.
  • In case of any theft, damage, injury or mishap which may eventuate in the duration of the tenant's stay, GetSetHome will not be held responsible for any damage to you or your personal belongings.
  • In case of damage/theft of any furniture or appliance or furnishings or fittings in the house irrespective of reason being physical damage or damage as result of power fluctuation / high voltage due to high consumption, all the tenants living at the premises at that point of time shall be held responsible. The compensation for repair (if repairable)/replacement shall be deducted from the security deposit as mentioned in the refund policy. In case the recovery amount exceeds the security deposit, the tenants shall be liable to pay the amount.
  • Electricity, DTH, Internet and Water services are owned and managed by 3rd parties and therefore any kind of fluctuation, supply cut or down time, GetSetHome will not be held responsible on resolution time.
  • For basic issues related to Wi-Fi Internet and DTH, tenants are expected to raise service complaints directly with the service provider as it may require remote troubleshooting. Service provider contact details are available on the tenant's dashboard.
  • Incase of tenant requests to change Wi-Fi / DTH service provider due to concerns related to third-party services, the one time cost of new installation and last-mile fibre will be borne by tenants residing in the property.
  • In case of an empty gas cylinder, we will need a minimum of 12 working hours from the time we receive a service ticket to get a replacement.
  • GetSetHome provides co-living spaces and not service apartments. Minor repairs and day-to-day routine maintenance such as change of tube-lights/bulbs/CFL, DTH/TV/AC remote batteries, housing keeping consumables, garbage bag, soap, food, pest control, water purifier filter/candles/membrane, changing and washing of linens etc. shall be done by the tenants at their own costs and expenses.
  • In case the tenant is carrying any desktop computer or additional tv/monitor, it will be the tenants responsibility to place it safely in the house near the allocated bed. It should not add inconvenience to other co-tenants. Also, no additional furniture unit will be provided by GetSetHome for storage.
  • Access to Clubhouse or other amenities of the society are at the sole discretion of the society to allow or deny tenants to use these facilities. In case the access is granted, charges to be borne by tenants to use the facilities.
  • Tenants are also bound by respective society rules. In case of breach of any rule; society penalties will be applicable as per actuals.
  • Tenants may not be allowed to leave the premises with their belongings in case of pending rental payments or other dues until the same gets resolved and all the dues are cleared.
  • All payments invoices to tenants / sub-licensee will attract necessary and applicable taxes or government fees as payable.
  • As per the latest notification issued by the Ministry of Finance dated 13th July 2022, refer to Notification no. 05/2022- Central Tax, from 18th July 2022 onwards renting of immoveable property is now taxable and no longer exempted under GST. Your monthly rent will now attract applicable GST. In case of the registered person, please input your GST number in your profile to avail of input credit.
  • GetSetHome reserves the right to update the tenancy policy at any time without any notice to tenants. Ignorance of any such amendments to the rules will not be accepted as an excuse for any breach of rules and regulations.
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