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Our Journey and
MissionThe founders of GetSetHome talking about the idea of solving affordable temporary housing in India

We are on a mission to empower individuals to get the best quality accommodation when away from home.

GetSetHome is a service, a platform and an access to good quality shared accommodations and guesthouses. Founded in March 2014, GetSetHome aims to revolutionize the way individuals and businesses utilize home apartment rentals for their long and short term needs.

We realize that students, bachelors or working professionals that have moved into a new city or are simply seeking their own space today go through a lot of hassles to find good quality homes. Often rejected tenancy because in todays society being a Bachelor is considered the biggest taboo and societies are self proclaimed guardians of culture. This is just the trailer, the entire movie is lot more painful exercise where one has to deal with unprofessional brokers, high upfront payments, hours of travelling, sub standard PG accommodations, the room mate hunt only if the house hunt wasn’t enough. Unlike in the movies these don’t really have Happy Endings.

So don’t let the excitement of a new job or a promotion in an MNC, the dream of becoming the next super model or the thrill of holding an admission ticket to your dream MBA institute turn sour on facing the harsh truth of being rejected a good quality home.

As our name suggests we at GetSetHome provide completely furnished homes - a set home. We set up these homes with all house essentials along with some love and warmth so that you can call the house your home. You can simply walk in with you suitcase into these set homes as you would into your own where all your daily house necessities are taken care off.

Culture at GetSetHome

Culture @ GetSetHome

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We are making an army of super heroes. From Spider-man who rules the web to Iron man who can innovate with technology we want them all. Well with an exception of Superman 'coz we can't have you wearing your red inners on your pants. So whatever be your super power and talent. Reach out to us.

Together, we can build something that will transform lives.

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