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GetSetHome - Tenancy policy
Rental Payment Terms

Monthly rental to be paid strictly in advance on or before the 5th day of each calendar month. All delayed payment shall attract a late payment fee:

  • Between 5th to 10th of the month: Rs.500/-
  • After 10th of the month: Rs.100/- per day for the no. of days delayed
Security Deposit Terms

To make it affordable and customer friendly, we take only two months of rent as security deposit before moving in. We accept token amount in advance to confirm tenants stay which is adjusted in the payable deposit amount.

It is mandatory for every tenant to pay deposit amount in advance before moving in. As per our policy, house keys will be handed over to tenants only after receiving the deposit amount.

Token Payment Terms

We accept a fixed token amount of Rs.2000 to reserve inventory of your choice. Token amount is NON-REFUNDABLE.

As per our policy, we shall reserve this unit for the next 48 hours only. To confirm the stay, tenants have to make balance payment as per agreed terms to avoid cancellation.

Payment Terms

Our website allows multiple payment options like Net Banking, Credit Card and Debit Card adding convenience to make payments online.

We DO NOT accept CASH, Cheque or online transfer through NEFT / IMPS directly in our bank account.

Exit Notice

As per our policy, tenants are expected to serve a 30 days prior notice. You may access your login profile, under my accounts you will see “Serve Exit Notice” button to click and submit your request. As it is an automated process, you will receive a confirmation on exit and your last date of stay with us once approved.

As per our policy, 30 days notice is mandate and non negotiable under any circumstances. In case the tenant needs to leave earlier than scheduled move out date, he/she can leave the house. However, the incase the rent is not paid for the remaining days, then the balance amount will be adjusted from the security deposit.

Also, as per company policy, we have a minimum of 1 month as lock-in period. However, in few housing societies, there is a mandate of 3 – 6 months lock-in period. In such case, tenant will have to serve notice according to the agreement signed or will have to compensate monetary losses to the company for leaving early.

Extension of stay after the move out date is totally on the discretion of GetSetHome. Incase any tenant found staying post move out date, will be considered as trespassing as will be fined at Rs.1200/- per day.

Refund Terms

Before the tenant vacates the apartment our representative will visit for a quick inspection to check for any damages. It takes around 7-9 working days to process refund considering that we have tenant bank accounts details to process refunds.

We shall deduct the following charges, if applicable, from security deposit while refunding -

  • Incase tenant doesn't serve 30 days' notice period; we shall deduct One month's rent from the deposit.
  • Any late payment fine, unpaid utility bill payments & damage charges caused by tenant based on actuals and as agreed upon.

As per local laws, it is mandate for tenant to submit their documents and clear police verification before moving into the apartment. Also as per society bye laws, a copy of tenant's police verification needs to be submitted in the society office.

Below is the list of documents to be submitted before move in.

  • PAN Card
  • Aadhar Card OR Passport Copy OR Driving License OR Voters ID
  • Company ID Card OR Letter from HR on company letter head
Package Inclusions

Our packages include most of the items from your desired checklist. Just to make expectations clear, we have listed the fine prints below:

  • Monthly rent for a completely furnished home.
  • Monthly Water Charges.
  • Monthly Cooking Gas Charges up to one cylinder refill a month.
  • One DTH connection with standard package covering mostly all top viewed channels across various genres & languages. In case of any specific channel to be viewed, tenant can pay on actuals to service provider directly to avail the services.
  • Wi-Fi Connection and Unlimited Internet package with minimum of 1Mbps speed limit (subject to availability in the area) is provided. The services are owned and managed by 3rd party and therefore GetSetHome have no control on their up time / service.
  • We provide maintenance visit as per service request raised. Any kind of physical damage / repair will be billed as on actuals.
  • For clarity, the package is exclusive of electricity bill. The actual electricity bill amount will be split in equal on the total number of people staying in the apartment for the respective month.
House Rules
  • Tenant shall not consume alcohol / drugs / smoke / engage in illegal activities in the apartment.
  • GetSetHome will allow check in any day between 11.00 am to 8.00 pm only as the society offices are operational for the mentioned hours only. No check-ins will be allowed before or after the mentioned time
  • For maintenance and/or showing premises to any prospective tenants, GetSetHome shall keep an extra key of the premises. It is hereby advised to all the tenants to keep their valuables locked inside the cupboards and not to leave them unattended. Neither the Home Owner, GetSetHome nor it's service partners / vendors shall not be held liable/ responsible for the same.
  • According to the local laws, you need to keep the music / TV volume / noise, low. Please be respectful to the neighbors and keep noise to bear minimum after 8 o'clock, at night.
  • Tenants shall not permit any members of the opposite sex in the apartment. Family members can visit the apartment with prior written approval of GetSetHome for permitted hours. Incase of any family / friend staying over for a night in the apartment, it will be considered as violation of this rule and responsible tenant will be charged a penalty of one month's rent which will be deducted from the security deposit.
  • Tenants are requested to occupy and store their belongings in the respective single bed and wardrobe as allotted to them while booking. Incase any tenant found using other wardrobe or bed for storing their belongings apart from the ones allotted, it will be considered as violation of this rule and responsible tenant will be charged a penalty of one month's rent of the price of the inventory occupied without information which will be deducted from the security deposit.
  • Tenants are expected to be responsible in the house. Don't leave any electric or electronic gadgets plugged in to the power outlet or unattended on the bed. Some of the gadgets generate heat which might start a fire, when in contact with a fabric or a highly flammable material.
  • Incase a tenant decides to install cooler / air condition / any appliance which will be powered by electricity, in such case, an average of last two months' bill will be considered to decide upon base amount which will be split amongst all tenants staying in the property and the additional amount will be split in equal amongst tenants sharing the room.
  • Tenants are expected not to mess around with the property walls, doors, appliances, furniture sets and the layout of the house.
  • A set of house keys (Main door key and wardrobe key only) will be handed over when you move in. Make sure you don't lose them. Incase you do, replacement will cost you Rs.500/- per key. Knowing that the property is set up as shared accommodation, we strongly recommend tenants not to lock bedroom doors. Any tenant found locking bedroom door and adding discomfort to fellow roommate or our support staff by limiting access to the room will be fined Rs.1000/-.
  • Please turn off all the lights, fans, AC's & other appliances while leaving the room.
  • Maid services include only housekeeping viz. dusting, sweeping, mopping, bathroom cleaning (once in ten days) and utensils washing only.
  • Parking space is subject to availability / society permissions. Incase of unavailability, all tenants are expected to arrange parking space for their vehicles themselves.
  • Incase of any theft, damage, injury or mishap which may eventuate in the duration of the tenant's stay, GetSetHome will not be held responsible for any damage to you or your personal belongings.
  • In the case of damage / theft of any furniture or appliance or furnishings or fittings in the house, all the tenants staying at the premises at that point of time shall be held responsible. The compensation for repair (if repairable) / replacement shall be deducted from the security deposit as mentioned in refund policy. In case the recovery amount exceeds the security deposit, the tenants shall be liable to pay the amount.
  • Electricity, DTH, Internet & Water services are provided by GetSetHome. However, the services are owned and managed by 3rd party and therefore any kind of fluctuation, supply cut or down time by Municipal Corporation, GetSetHome will not be held responsible on resolution time.
  • For basic troubleshoot of issues related to Wi-Fi Internet and DTH, tenants are expected to raise service complaints directly with the service provider.
  • Incase of empty gas cylinder, we will need a minimum of 12 working hours to get a replacement post raising service ticket.
  • GetSetHome provides co-living spaces and not service apartments. Minor repairs and day-to-day routine maintenance such as change of tube-lights/bulbs/CFL, DTH / TV / AC remote batteries, Housing keeping consumables, Garbage bag, Soap, Food, Pest Control, Water Purifier Candle / Filter / Membrane replacement, Water Purifier cleaning and maintenance, etc shall be done by the tenants at their own costs and expenses.
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