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GetSetHome Help Centre.

We are on a mission to empower individuals to get the best quality accommodation when away from home.

A University student in her new apartment living with awesome roommates at affordable rent.


  • 1. What is GetSetHome?

    GetSetHome is a platform for managed & shared homes. We provide quality shared accommodations to Individuals for long term home stays at affordable prices. We turn unfurnished houses into standardized furnished homes which are fully furnished with all essential furniture, soft furnishings and white goods. Tenants can move in just with their luggage and stay for as long as they like.

  • 2. What are the facilities available at GetSetHome?

    Our accommodations include quality furniture, home decor, modern amenities, property maintenance, monthly recurring bills and documentations making it convenient and easy on the pocket. Please refer to Tenancy Policy for complete details.

  • 3. What options do you have at GetSetHome?

    We understand the needs of a bachelor and therefore have packages as per different requirements & pricing.

    Premium Individual Room: Master size room
    Compact Individual Room: Compact in size as the name suggests
    Twin Sharing: 2 like mind people in a room
    Triple Sharing: 3 to Tango, more affordable

  • 4. Are Wi-Fi, DTH, House Keeping services free?

    Yes, we provide complimentary service such as Wifi, Dth, Gas and Maid Services.

    Wifi includes min 1mbps connection
    DTH includes standard package (Videocon/TataSky/Others basis availability) offering almost all top viewed channels.
    We employ local maids/caretakers to provide daily housing keeping including brooming, mopping, utensils washing and weekly toilet cleaning.
    We provide one cooking gas cylinder refill in a month.

  • 5. And how about electricity?

    As electricity bill is basis consumption of energy, we do not include electricity bill as a part of our offering. However, we pay monthly bills on behalf of the tenants to add convenience and add their share of bill to the next rent invoice.

  • 6. Is there a commitment of stay duration?

    Our offerings are extremely flexible with a minimum stay of 1 month. However, as per the rent control act of India we make an agreement of 11 months with an exit clause of 1-month notice. A few housing societies have a longer lock in. Please refer to the property page as specific lock-in periods have been highlighted on the respective property pages.

  • 7. And how about advance money / deposits?

    As a security deposit, we collect an advance of 2 months rent for co-living space and 3 months rent for the entire flat. The deposit needs to be paid before the move in to the apartment. The deposit is refunded post exit within 3-5 weeks provided there are no pending bills / damages and we have your bank account details in the system.

  • 8. I would like to visit the apartment before confirming?

    Certainly, head to the property listing page, select the desired bed, fill in your details and wait for our sales team to touch base with you to confirm the visit. Else, you can call us on 8080900300 and press 1 to connect with our sales team and they will schedule a visit for you as per your convenience.

  • 9. Do I also get food inclusive at GetSetHome?

    Food is not a part of our package. However, we provide a fully functional, kitchen that you can use for cooking. In few of our accommodations, we have appointed full time care takers who also know cooking, you could also utilize those services by dealing with them directly.

    However, the cost of cooking services and materials will have to be borne by you.

  • 10. I will be carrying a lot of luggage with me, what's the scene on the storage?

    That's not a problem; we have lot of room for you and your belongings. We provide a bed with underneath storage and double door wardrobe to every tenant, which is good enough to store goods carried in 3 big suitcases. We also provide a locker in your wardrobe for you to keep your valuable belongings safely.

  • 11. Do I get Bedsheet, Pillow, Blanket, Bedding and Towel?

    We provide bed along with mattress. Used bed sheet, pillow cover, pillow and blanket may lead to dust-mite infestation or high levels of fungal spores. Therefore, we don't provide these items. However, while booking the bed you can choose to purchase a merchandise kit that can get you a new bedsheet, pillow & pillow cover. The same will be ready for you to utilize when you move in to the property.

  • 12. Do you have laundry facilities included in the package?

    We provide fully automatic washing machines to cater to your requirement of washing clothes.

  • 13. Is smoking allowed inside the apartment?

    As you are aware that these are shared accommodations with individuals having different preferences and hence as a standard rule we don't permit smoking inside the apartment / toilets. We have smoking zones (balcony / terrace) in few apartments, but all homes are non-smoking.

  • 14. Is it fine for my friends to visit apartment at times?

    Many societies have reservation or mandates and we try to work in accordance with the same. Therefore as a generic rule for all, we allow friends of same gender to visit but not stay over in our homes. Also, we do not allow guests of the opposite gender as we care & respect for everyone's privacy. This is done keeping in mind that this is a shared accommodation and can cause inconvenience to others. Please refer to Tenancy Policy for House Rules.

  • 15. How can I book my bed with GetSetHome?

    Log on to www.GetSetHome.com, Select your preferred property from the list, Select Preferred bed options; and pay the Token online to confirm your stay. We have multiple payment option to pay online i.e. Netbanking, Credit Card, Debit Card and Wallets as per convenience. We do not accept payments in Cash, Cheque, NEFT or IMPS. Once you have booked your bed it is blocked for 48 hours in which you need to clear the remaining payments that include your rent & remaining deposit amount.

  • 16. What is the maximum number of people I can book for?

    Every tenant needs to create an individual profile and book the individual bed. However, if you still need to book on someone's behalf you call us on 8080900300 and we can guide you.

  • 17. Is there any discount for long stays at GetSetHome?

    Our packages are inclusive of the rent & services promised and have been designed & priced for long term stays. However, if you are a corporate needing to book for your employees on an ongoing basis please reach out to us so we can design packages basis your requirements.

  • 18. What happens once I make a booking / reservation?

    Once we receive the token amount as a confirmation, you will receive an email confirmation with all agreed terms. You will be required to clear your payments in the next 48 hours from booking or before the move-in which ever is earlier. The pending payments include your monthly rent and remaining security deposit.

    Our team will also get in touch with you for your documents as the same needs to be submitted to the society as well as needed for police verification. These are required to ensure a smooth move in to the property.

  • 19. What is the process to vacate?

    As per our tenancy policy, every tenant needs to serve 30 days advance notice which can be done using the dashboard. Information shared using any other medium will not be accepted or considered.

  • 20. What happens if I do not cancel my reservation and do not turn up on the arrival date?

    This situation is called a 'No-Show' and in the event of no-show without cancellation, GetSetHome has the right to retain your Token / Monthly Rent.

  • 21. Incase I happen to relocate to some other city due to work purpose?

    We are always happy to help, if we have foot prints in that city, we will accommodate you.


  • 1. What options do I have for making payment?

    When you find the perfect accommodation, click on the Book button to use our website's secure online payment system. We have multiple payment option to pay online i.e. Netbanking, Credit Card, Debit Card and Wallets as per convenience. We donot accept payments in Cash, Cheque, NEFT or IMPS.

    Please note, all online payments attract bank charges.
    Netbanking attracts a flat fee of Rs.75/- + GST per transaction of the payment amount,
    Credit Card attracts 1.7% + GST of the transaction amount,
    Debit Card attracts 1.5% + GST of the transaction amount, and
    Wallets attract 1.85% + GST of the transaction amount.
    The amount may change from time to time depending upon the existing rates. You can see the applicable charges while making the payment.

  • 2. How do I pay securely for my reservation?

    All transactions on our platform are facilitated via our secure online payment system. As soon as your transaction is successful, you will receive a confirmation receipt on your given contact details.

  • 3. What do you mean by paying token amount?

    By paying token amount, you confirm your intent of staying at a property and the amount is adjusted in your security deposit. However, the system will make a reservation and block it for next 48 hours. You are expected to move in or make complete payment with 48 hours to confirm your stay.

  • 4. What is your refund policy?

    As per GetSetHome policy, in case of booking cancellation, token / rent amount will not be refunded.

    In the case that both rental and deposit amount were paid before cancellation, GetSetHome will refund the deposit amount.

    Mode of Refund: The amount would be directly credited in the bank account of the customer.

  • 5. My booking has been rejected, but my card has been charged? What do I do?

    This is a very rare situation, and can occur in case of a network fluctuation at the time of confirming the transaction between the bank and payment gateway. In this case, a reverse request for the charge on your card will be sent by the payment gateway the same day to the bank. Incase of any other assistance, please write to us on [email protected] with screen shot of your payment deduction sms. Depending on each bank's policy, it can sometimes take up to 12 working days for the reversal to take effect.

  • 6. What is Verified By Visa - MasterCard Secure Code?

    The RBI has made it mandatory, from 1st August 2009 onwards, for all online transactions to have an extra level of authentication to make online shopping safer. The 'extra' level is a password that you will have to enter after entering your credit/debit card details while making online payments. You will require this for transacting on any website in India, including GetSetHome. This new technology is called VBV - Verified by Visa or MSC - MasterCard Secure Code.

  • 7. When I enter my credit card information, the website asks for a CVV code. What is the CVV code?

    The CVV is a 3 or 4 digit code embossed or imprinted on the reverse side of Visa and MasterCard credit cards. This is an extra security measure to ensure that you have access or physical possession of the credit card itself in order to use the CVV code. (1.) For Visa and MasterCard credit cards, the CVV is a 3 digit number embossed or imprinted on the reverse side of the card. (2.) For American Express cards, the CVV is the 4-digit number on the front right hand side of the card above the card number. (3.) For State Bank of India (SBI) cards, there is a 19-digit number printed on the front of the credit card, of which the first 16 digits are the credit card number and the last three digits are the CVV code.

  • 8. I vacated the property 3 days back and still haven't received the refund of security deposit?

    As per our tenancy policy, it takes about 3-5 weeks to process the refund and reflect in your bank account. Please be rest assured that your money will be transferred as per mentioned timeline.


  • 1. What are the actual charges charged by the government?

    Stamp duty & registration charges of approx. Rs. 1100 - Rs.1500 (depends on the bed price and taluka)
    Rs. 500 for Agency Charges for Bio Metrics
    Rs. 500 for Police Verification
    Plus, GST as applicable.

  • 2. How long is the agreement valid for? What happens if I Renew the contract?

    A rent agreement is valid for 11 months, therefore, these charges are recurring for every renewal of the contract.

  • 3. What if I move from one property to another?

    You will need to pay the charges for the agreement if you shift from one property to another as the agreement is valid for a particular house only and is not transferable.

  • 4. What If I don't need the agreement?

    It is a mandate as per the rent control Act of India as well as society bye-laws. It will also ensure a seamless entry and stay at the society since it is a legal document. Also, it is for your safety as it safeguards you and makes it binding for all parties to honor the commitment and agreed terms of the contract.

  • 5. I am only coming for 1 month. Do I still need to pay the charges?

    The tenure of the stay is made for 11 months however you can exit by giving a 30 days notice. The agreement, however, needs to be done regardless of the duration of your stay.

  • 6. Where all is the rent agreement accepted/valid?

    All government requirements and jobs accept the registered rent agreement as a valid address proof.

    - Your company will accept this as a valid proof in case needed for any HRA purpose or other requirements
    - All banks accept this as a valid address proof
    - This is also a valid address proof for Visa or Passport requirements


  • 1. How are the Electricity Bill Charges calculated?

    Electricity bills have different billing cycles for every property. People move in and move out on a daily basis therefore matching that to the exact billing date of the electricity bill makes it a complex process. To make it simple we only consider the billing month mentioned on the cycle and not the exact dates. The amount is split on a pro-rata basis their stay duration in that respective month.

  • 2. Which electricity bill am I paying for in every Invoice?

    Electricity bill amount is post-facto which means that the electricity bill is generated after usage of that particular month. We therefore add the charges to your invoice after receiving the same. For eg. The electricity bill for April is usually generated & delivered by May. We make the payments for the same on your behalf in May and then add it to your June month's Invoice and like wise. You therefore would be paying for electricity bills with a two month's gap.

  • 3. What if the electricity bill is not generated when I vacate?

    In that case the last 3 month's average will be used as a base to arrive at the amount which will be divided equally among all tenants to arrive at your share of the bill.


  • 1. What deductions will be there from the security deposit?

    Once you vacate the property our staff will do a through exit inspection to ensure the house is handed over in the same state that it was given to you. Damages if any will be deducted from the security deposit. Also if there are any pending bills like electricity bills, penalties if any, will all be deducted from the security deposit only where applicable. Be assured there will not be any deductions unless any dues are payable. The deposit will be refunded in 3-5 weeks from the last day after peaceful handover of the property & keys.

  • 2. I am a current tenant but I need to know now how much security deposit will be refunded when I exit?

    The full & final payment calculation will happen only after the exit basis the exit inspection. Damages, Penalties & Pending Bills will be deducted if and where applicable. If there are no dues pending, the full deposit will be refunded in 3-5 weeks from the last day of stay. The final amount with the calculation will be emailed from our side on the same day as the refund.


  • 1. Why do I need to bear the maintenance cost of Water Purifier?

    GetSetHome provides co-living spaces in a fully furnished apartment. We are not a PG or a hotel or a service apartment. Its simply your house on rent that you are sharing with other like minded people.

    Minor repairs and day-to-day routine maintenance such as change of tube-lights/bulbs/CFL, DTH/TV/AC remote batteries, housing keeping consumables, garbage bag, soap, food, pest control, water purifier filter/candles/membrane changing, etc are all considered as a consumable and the same is NOT a part of our offering. Think of it as a house taken on rent from the landlord. The landlord gives you a house in a furnished state but thereon any consumable or repair is not the responsibility of the landlord. Also, when you vacate you need to handover the house to the landlord in exactly the same state as you had received it. It's the same concept whereby we are your landlords, friendly landlords :)

  • 2. Why do I need to bear the repair cost of any electronics in the house?

    GetSetHome provides co-living spaces. We are not a PG or a hotel or a service apartment. Its simply your house on rent that you are sharing with other like minded people.

    We offer our house in a furnished state with electronics like refrigerator, Tv, geyser, microwave, washing machine, etc. The maintenance is however NOT our responsibility as the condition of the same depends purely on usage. In a shared home, any repair costs will be spit equally among all tenants staying at the property at that time.Think of it as a house taken on rent from the landlord. The landlord gives you a house in a furnished state but thereon any consumable or repair is not the responsibility of the landlord. Also, when you vacate you need to handover the house to the landlord in exactly the same state as you had received it. It's the same concept whereby we are your landlords, friendly landlords :)

  • 3. Why do I need to raise a compliant with the service provider if my Internet / DTH is not working?

    It's our responsibility to ensure timely bill payments of the service providers of Internet & DTH however the services are provided and managed by 3rd parties and therefore any kind of fluctuation, supply cut or down time is not GetSetHome's responsibility. For any issues (except payment related) such as downtime or any other complaints related to Internet and DTH, tenants are expected to raise a complaint directly with the service provider as it requires remote trouble shooting. Your service provider contact details are available on tenant's dashboard.

  • 4. How do I know you have charged on actuals for the repair and that is the best price available? Can I get the bill for the same?

    We work with Empanelled vendors but skilled laborers like key makers, plumbers, carpenters, electricians don't usually give a bill. We have therefore chosen the most cost effective method keeping in mind your convenience. As mentioned bills may not always be available when dealing with local skilled laborers.


  • 1. The channels do not show up even after a confirmation from GetSetHome team that the recharge has been done. What do I do?

    Please look at the steps below for the respective DTH service provider.

    Videocon: After recharge leave the TV & DTH on for 10 - 15 mins on channel no 499. If this doesn't work, please call the service provider on 1800 212 212 & mention the card no behind the DTH box

    TATA SKY: After recharge leave the TV & DTH on for 10 - 15 mins on any channel. If this doesn't work, please call 1800 208 6633 & mention the customer ID (available on your dashboard under service provider)

    Dish TV: After recharge leave the TV & DTH on for 10 - 15 mins on any channel. Please call 1800 2583474 & mention the VC no (available on your dashboard under service provider)

    Local Cable: Please call the service provider directly. All credential and account details will be available on your dashboard under the service providers tab.

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