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Lets Take A Tour To Koregaon Park

Lets Take A Tour To Koregaon Park

Koregaon Park is One of the prestigious addresses in Pune situated at south of the Mula Mutha River.

After South Mumbai, Koregaon park has the highest prices for houses, but you can get houses on rent in here!

Koregaon Park is mainly between these two Main Roads that is The North Main Road and The South Main Road.

Let's Take A Tour Of Koregaon Park :

Eat Sleep Eat Repeat

Hello Food holics, there are a lot of Good Places to Hog in Koregaon Park, one of the most famous places is the German Bakery near to North Main Road, from Breakfast to Proper Meals to Shakes to Lassis serves all.

Alert for Burger Fans! Here is The Burger Barn Cafe near to South Main Road where you can play a very cool WTF Burger Challenge. In this challenge you have to eat WTF Burger, If you complete the burger within 15 mins you get the burger for free, if you complete within 30 mins you pay for the burger but your photo will be put up on their Wall of Fame, so take your Friends or flatmates there now!

More food places in Koregaon Park

Shopping and Entertainment

Love Shopping? Head to the street of North Main Road of Koregaon Park where you can find yourself Brands stretching out till the end or else you can also visit the small and elegant malls like Nitesh Hub. Cinema Lovers can straight away head to either PVR Or INOX and watch the movies in peace.

Nightlife Exists

Weekends in Koregaon Park are way too happening. From Hard Rock Cafe to Effingut to Bar Stock Exchange to Agent Jack’s to there is a whole long list of pubs in Koregaon Park so don’t worry bachelors your weekends are sorted!

Rejuvenate and Relax

The place to sit and relax in nature’s arm is the Osho Garden of Koregaon Park, one who loves to walk can visit this place definitely. There is also The Osho International Meditation Resort which is a tranquil resort and meditation ashram, inspired by the late guru Osho.

For not so great lovers of nature there are a lot of spa’s to rejuvenate in KP, one of our favourites is India’s first floating spa that is Shalom Float and Mind Spa where you can float with the help of salt water solution in the tank and be free from the stress and pain of your daily routine!


For History Lovers Koregaon Park has a perfect place to visit that is the Gandhi National Memorial where Gandhi Ji in his last days got arrested by the British.

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