Women's Day

Happy Super Women’s Day

A day like Women’s Day needs to be celebrated every day. On March 8th, the whole world comes together to celebrate the powerful, strong and independent beings that are women, who constantly break glass ceilings to make the world a better place to live in. Their achievements and dedication make them not just women, but Super Women, maybe even more than that if possible.

Marvel and DC universes have given us countless fictional superwomen who are our real-life inspirations for going out there and being the best versions of ourselves. This Women’s Day, let’s take a look at Marvel and DC’s superheroines who we can take real-life lessons from –

1. Wonder Woman

Undoubtedly, one of the best superheroines emerging from the DC universe is Wonder Woman. The Amazonian Princess who was born to be more than who she was told to be, immediately resonated with strong and powerful females all over. This character showed that a woman can be compassionate as well as fierce, gentle as well as bold, kind as well as unapologetic. Wonder Woman shows how a woman can be the best of both worlds.

Women's Day

2. Black Widow

Marvel’s superheroine Black Widow or Agent Natasha Romanoff has been a fan favourite superwoman for a long time. She has been more than important in the Avenger’s, often taking charge when the men around her acted downright stupid. We see her be an excellent mentor, a good friend and a fierce warrior, fighting shoulder to shoulder with the boys. Who can forget Black Widow’s epic riding the bike scene in Avengers? Black Widow inspires us to think beyond ourselves, for the better good, and most importantly, fight for what’s right.

Women's Day

3. Shuri

Marvel Cinematic Universe’s latest instalment was The Black Panther which gave life to Marvel’s black superhero. But we’re more thankful for giving us the Wakandan women like Nakia, Okeya and most importantly, T’Challa’s sister Shuri. A true tech genius who can give Tony Stark a run for his money, Shuri’s tech skills had us blown away. Why was this important, you ask. Have you seen any woman character leading tech all by herself? Exactly why this was important. Way to go, Shuri!

Women's Day

4. Catwoman

If there was anyone who could give a tough competition to Batman, it was Catwoman. A stark personality just like our tragic hero, Catwoman’s transition from a villain to a heroine has been an important one. On the big screen, the character has been played by two big actresses, Halle Berry and Anne Hathaway. Both the portrayals are fierce and capable of giving Batman a tough competition.

Women's Day

5. Harley Quinn

Okay, Harley is not necessarily a superheroine. She’s the evil Joker’s better half, helping him in many of his schemes and plans. But if you take Suicide Squad into consideration, she was actually an able fighter, all by herself. She honours her friendship with Deadshot, kills the bad guys with her bat, and proves that she’s more than just a pretty face. If Harley taught a lesson to every woman in Suicide Squad,  would be being self-sufficient.

Women's Day

Happy Super Women’s Day, ladies!

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