People Women Are Supposed To Ignore

People Women Are Supposed To Ignore

From the beginning of time, us women have been a subject to a lot of scrutiny. We’re always under the magnifying glass, with people who don’t even matter constantly watching over us like we’re about to make a mistake that’s going to affect their life in some way. Over the years, the world has changed, but not our coping mechanism. Instead of teaching young girls to fight back, we tell them to use the age old tactic of ignoring. And that is how all of us have been brought up. Following are the kind of people women are supposed to ignore –

1. Annoying Neighbours

No matter how many apartments you change or cities you go, there’s always going to be some annoying neighbours who find your life odd because they don’t have one. They’re like the unofficial CCTV cameras that cover the life of every resident and feel like it’s their job to report to other people about others. The only way to deal with them is to not deal at all and let them talk about you. Whatever they’re saying is entirely incorrect, but since we’re supposed to ignore, let others get wrong notions of you.

2. Judgemental Aunties

Every family has a bunch of aunties that have nothing good going in their own lives. They always find faults in the way other people dress, look, choose to live and choose to work. You’re family is no exception. Your own parents might have never said anything to you for wearing a backless dress but these aunties, who keep a check on your Facebook display picture updates, and call your parents the second they see a picture that doesn’t fit their “sanskaari beti” guidelines. Instead of saying anything, stay quiet because elders can say anything and get away with it.

3. Perverts

Every woman in her lifetime has to endure at least one pervert who doesn’t know the difference between looking and molesting. Walking on the street without getting starred by stupid men is now a myth. When we should to hitting them right in the head with the heels we’re wearing, we are told to ignore. It’s always easy to ignore things, instead of fighting back. Our society has always been the weakling, it cannot fight back. So yet again, just ignore. Tomorrow when your daughter goes through the same, tell her to do the same.

4. Sexist Men

At work, at home, among friends, around strangers, there will always be men who cannot help but pass a sexist remark about women not being able to do something. We may reach the moon, but to them we’ll always be the secondary section of the society whose place is in the kitchen. There’s so many men who still believe that women do not deserve to stand shoulder to shoulder with them. And what are we told to do? Ignore. Why? Because apparently staying quiet is going to give them the notion that they’re correct. Hmm, I get the logic. 

5. Everyone Who Hates

We have all grown up hearing how the sole purpose of a woman is to please her family, cook food and produce children. “Humaare zamane mein” dialogue never gets old. We’re always told as to how it’s a huge favour on us that we have been given the privilege of education and working, because all this was not given to our ancestors. Let me just say on behalf of all women, thank you. Thanks for allowing us to be ourselves and educating us, so that tomorrow we can raise children who will have a better mindset than you people.


It’s 2016, grow up.

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