Misconceptions about Single Women that has to be cleared out

Just recently, a single women living in Bangalore found it difficult to rent an apartment for herself in the IT Hub of India (which should technically uphold the ideas of a modern culture), because she is a single woman. Yes, this is true. What is inexplicably disgusting about this, is the fact that landlords thought they could disrespect her, ignore her or even pretend that she did not exist, when she had to go from one apartment to another in search of an appropriate house for her to rent. Being a target of every other male landlord is not why strong and independent women choose to stay single and make a better future for themselves. These utterly stupid misconceptions about single women has to be cleared out before more women fall prey to this amazing society that we live in.

Yes, we have male friends. Does not mean we are open to judgement.

The whole concept behind “you might be having a lot of male friends” and using it as a criteria for giving houses on rent is just not acceptable to me. A woman can have as many male friends as she wants, it’s her choice. Nobody can or should have an opinion about this. Most importantly, what is wrong with being friends with the other sex? Is it a crime? The mere fact that people use such statements to rule out tenants shows how low their mentality is.

Single women


We are not indecent.

Judging a woman by her marital status and saying things like “this apartment is for decent people” does not make people a hero. They think passing comments like this will show others how “izzat-daar” they are, but it is just impossible to be that when you directly attack a woman’s character by indirectly calling her indecent. If every single person is indecent, what do they have to say about their own sons and daughters who are not married? Are they indecent too? They need to understand that they cannot attack and hamper someone’s dignity and easily get away with it.

Single Women


Our choices are none of your business.

We can have our hair coloured white, red, orange, green, anything at all because it is our choice. Hair colours have never been a unit to determine character. The single woman in Bangalore was not accepted as a tenant for a lot of foolish reasons, one of them being she had blue hair. I know, bizarre right? Refusing to rent someone a house is completely the landlord’s opinion, agreed. But at least have to decency to say the real reason and not make up things like “you have blue hair, we don’t give our house to blue-haired people!” Why on earth are these people not declared mentally unstable is beyond my understanding.

Single women


We have a life, unlike you.

“You can have the house, but you cannot have anybody come over, not even friends, not even family, no one.” Can someone please throw a fifth grade science textbook on their faces? We have been taught since childhood that man is a social being. And by man, I mean humans – man woman, transgenders, everybody. Refusing to acknowledge the fact that a woman can have her friends or family come over every once in awhile just shows how cruel people can be. You just cannot deny someone the right to socialize with their friends or kins. Just because you don’t have a life, doesn’t mean you can deny them of having one.

Single Women


Having boyfriends is natural, not unholy.

“You look like the kind of girl who has many boyfriends,” the Bangalore woman was told by a landlord. What is downright unacceptable about this comment is how can a man who has no idea about the woman, pass a comment about her personal life, believe it to be true, speak it out loud and still get away with it? A woman may or may not have boyfriends, that is not a criteria to rent someone an apartment. And even if she does have a boyfriend, don’t react like it’s a sin. She can have as many boyfriends as she wishes to, you just don’t have a say in something like that.

Single women


The mere fact that women are looked down upon when they’re single working ladies shows how much our society has to grow. People who think it is fine, and such things happen everyday, and that nothing can be done about it need to understand that women are not subjects to disrespect. Because it is happening everyday with many women, it needs to stop. Taking it lightly and considering it a day to day routine, is not how this problem is going to solve.



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One thought on “Misconceptions about Single Women that has to be cleared out

  1. This article is right on target for me. I am 38, pregnant with my second kid, left by the dad but I am not desperately on the market for some “nice guy” to come rescue me from my loneliness and financial hardships. Sexism hasn’t gone anywhere. I have males in my family and circle who are 30+ and single and not much is said other than, “they are players” or whatever. But when a woman over 30 is single, its like we are looked at like some type of plague. Just because I don’t want to leave this planet having had so many sex partners that I can’t remember their names and because I want settle and marry some “nice guy” I will never be attracted to doesn’t make me a germ.

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