Salman Khan Acquitted Of Black Buck Poaching Case

Black Bucks Don’t Matter: Salman Khan Acquitted Of Black Buck Poaching Case

A case that dates back to 1998 finally got over today. Bollywood’s Salman Khan, an actor that is worshiped and praised by innumerable fans was acquitted on all charges held against him in the black buck poaching case. Salman’s past still lingers to his present, but with this, there’s an end to all the possibilities of him going to jail. As soon as the news of Salman Khan acquitted of black buck poaching case was out, it spread like wildfire. 
Twitter, as usual, had a lot to say about this. People didn’t shy away from taking their side and putting out their opinions, and like always, we all had fun reading those witty 140 characters. So sit back, like Salman is probably right now, and enjoy the plethora of tweets with respect to Salman Khan’s acquittal in the black buck poaching case that ended today.

1. Shots fired!

2. Behold the power of money!

3. Bhai ki picture sab dekhenge. 

4. Powerful word play there. 

5. Bhai’s retirement plan is sorted. 

6. Finally, the truth. 

7. Run for life, you guys. 

8. Exactly what happened. 

9. Stupid black bucks, I tell you.

10. 2 minute justice.

Meanwhile, Bhai fans do the victory dance. 

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