Priyanka Chopra MET Gala Dress

Twitter Has A Lot To Say About Priyanka Chopra’s MET Gala Dress

Priyanka Chopra is a global celebrity. There’s no denying that she’s a wonderful actress and an even better human being. Wooing the world with her Oscar and Emmy Red Carpet gowns, Priyanka has made it a point to make an impression. Her latest appearance at the MET Gala has got everyone praising her style. Donning a Ralph Lauren Trench Coat Gown, she looks absolutely stunning. And as always, Twitter got something to joke about. With Priyanka Chopra MET Gala dress trending on Twitter, many jokes were made on her dress. Following are the best jokes on Priyanka Chopra’s MET Gala dress –

1. Yeah, we wonder.

2. PeeCee to the rescue.

3. Haaye haaye yeh majboori!

4. Taste bhi, health bhi.

5. Yeh hai nationalism.

6. Best ambassador, tbh!

7. Ghar ka kaam > Party

8. Smart investment.

9. Ghar mein paani nahi aana chaiye bhaiya!

10. Thand lag gayi toh?

Jokes apart, home girl kills it yet again!


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