Bran and Sansa Reunion Jokes

Bran and Sansa Reunion Jokes

Everything that happens on Game Of Thrones is big news. As soon as the Queen’s Justice was out, Bran and Sansa reunion jokes flooded on Twitter. There were many highlight moments in the latest episode of Game Of Thrones Season 7. From Jon and Daenerys meeting for the very first time to the badass death of Olenna Tyrell, the episode was full of exciting things. However, one of these moments made all the viewers scared, and also kind of weirded out. Another Stark reunion happened in Winterfell. Bran Stark aka the Three-Eyed Raven came back home and was greeted by his elder sister, Sansa Stark, currently serving as the Wardeness of the North.

Things didn’t go as we expected them to go. A Stark reunion is supposed to be a big moment on the show because that family assumes that much of it’s members are dead, while in reality, some of them are alive. Sansa meeting Jon was a big deal, and quite emotional too. Everyone expected Sansa and Bran meeting after the first season to be a big deal too, but it was awkward. Sansa expressed her emotions like it was expected, but Bran looked like a total robot who was so done with life that he didn’t care that his sister is alive and doing good for herself.

That too would be acceptable, since people do change after gaining wisdom, but he went on to make it more awkward by reminding her of the wedding she dreads the most. Bran can see everything, and he could have said so much more but he chose to tell her how beautiful she looked the night she was raped by Ramsay Bolton. Like, wow, Bran. WOW! Sansa, speechless, immediately left as she thought her brother has gone insane. She might have had nothing to say about it, but people on Twitter had. Jokes came flooding in, as no one could make sense out of why Bran was being such weirdo. Following are the best Bran and Sansa reunion jokes –

1. Hi, Robo-Bran.

2. Okay, weirdo.

3. You’re just showing off now.

4. Death is the ultimate destination. 

5. Bro, are you okay?

6. Sansa needs to watch Game Of Thrones.

7. Get Hotstar, Sansa!

8. Keeps getting weird every time you watch that scene. 

9. Take my password, girl. 

10. What is emotion?

11. He was better off beyond the wall. 

12. Yes.

Whatcha smokin’, Bran?

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