Best Of Coldplay Concert Ticket Price Memes

Best Of Coldplay Concert Ticket Price Memes

Coldplay coming to India is the biggest news you have been hearing for quite a while now. People have been losing their minds over this when the first time it was doing rounds. At first, people were unsure of the date and place, after which a “confirmation” of 19th November, Mumbai came into existence. People went shit crazy for that as well. And now, it’s being said that the tickets are going to be ranging from 25K to 5 lakhs, and needless to say, everyone lost it again. Let me just tell you that while all of this happened, no official announcement was made by Coldplay, their manager, nobody. It’s not on Coldplay’s official A Head Full Of Dreams tour schedule, we haven’t heard from Phil Harvey, and no pictures from Chris Martin’s BFFs in India (Vishal Dadlani and Sonam Kapoor) have been put up on social media. For all we know, this can be some jobless guy in Chinchpokli spreading all this rumour and people have been believing it all. But it’s good to see that so many Coldplay fans are in India. Amidst all this chaos, Facebook and Twitter are having a lot of fun. Memes and jokes are being circulated all over social media sites, especially regarding the ticket prices that are downright hilarious. Bringing to you, the best of Coldplay concert ticket price memes, all under one roof. Be prepared to laugh your asses off.

Update: Global Citizen announced that they’ll be hosting for the first time The Global Citizen Festival in India where Coldplay will be performing a gig in Mumbai. All our prayers have been answered. You can read the full announcement here :

1. Still more expensive than owning a flat. 

2. No, not even them. 

3. I don’t even have coins to burn. 

4. Thanks HDFC, dua mein yaad rakhenge. 

Best Of Coldplay Concert Ticket Price Memes













5. Sab moh maya hai bhau.

6. Nucleya > Coldplay 

7. I’m fine, we’re fine (dying inside).

Best Of Coldplay Concert Ticket Price Memes



















8. This is funny. 

Best Of Coldplay Concert Ticket Price Memes













9. Where’s the humanity, Coldplay?

10. No kidney, no iPhone.

11. Accurately describes the reaction. 


13. Adopt kar le bhai.

14. A good place to loot BTW.

15. Kya dikh raha hai Chris Martin phone pe!

Now relax, it’s free.

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