Web series you should watch

Web series you should watch

The state of Indian television is exactly the reason why we’re all obsessed with the shows from the West. There’s absolutely no doubt about the fact that shows on TV are not only irritating and irrelevant, but also completely stupid. In today’s world where things are different from the way they used to be, the same story line is repeatedly broadcasted in a different manner. There’s nothing new and interesting that is able to grip the attention, which is why people resort to watching shows from the West, which are full of variety.

While the quality of television in India is gradually improving, there’s still time for it to reach that level. Till then, you can switch to YouTube for some Indian entertainment, because some of the web series are just outstanding. Shows made for the youth of India that perfectly describe the problems on the youth today, how they cope up with their life and how they work things out for themselves. The Web Series that should be on your watching list include –

1. Permanent Roommates

A series revolving around the lives of Mikesh Chaudhary and Tanya Nagpal, has accurately portrayed modern day relationships. Being with someone is not easy as it used to be. You’re juggling with your personal and professional life, making time for each other in your packed scheduled, tolerating each other’s habits that are annoying, and still finding a way of staying together. Mikesh and Tanya’s relationship is all about little things that matter, and compromising with each other to meet the middle ground and make things work instead of throwing it away. Mikesh’s antics are a must watch, who in his unique way is the best boyfriend ever. Watch it for a cute love story that stands against all odds, with smiling happy faces, trying to make a world within a world.

Web series you should watch

2. TVF Pitchers

The Viral Fever, the creator of Permanent Roommates, has also created Pitchers which is about making it big. The story is of four men, the founders of a startup company that they believe will be successful if given the opportunity to flourish, but has a long way to go even before it can find investors. TVF Pitchers is a perfect show for all those people who want to be their own boss. The truths of starting your own business are perfectly shown in Pitchers. Naveen, Jeetu, Yogi and Mandal are just four lads who pursue their dream of starting a company. The compromises they make to get there, both professionally and personally and how the only thing that gets them going is their dedication and belief towards their work. TVF Pitchers is an inspiring web series for all youngsters who want to be someone.

Web series you should watch

3. Bang Baaja Baaraat

Creation of Y Films, Bang Baaja Baaraat is the modern take on the Great Indian Wedding. Gone are the days when arranged marriages used to be a thing. Youth today wants to choose their own partner, however in India, it’s still a big deal. Getting your family to like your partner is a task, and just when you thought the toughest part was over, you have to get each other’s families like each other. Bang Baaja Baaraat follows the life of Pawan and Shahana, who are very much in love and decide to get married. What they don’t know about is the fact that in India, two families get married and not just the bride and groom. Will they get their families to tolerate each other or call in quits? Does their love have the strength to withstand all the chaos going around them? Watch the series and you’ll know.

Web series you should watch

4. Man’s World

Y Films’s another web series, Man’s World is an eye opener for all the men who believe that women are subject to a lot of leniency. A series that involves the life of a man whose life turns upside down when his wish is granted. Kiran, the protagonist always complains about how the world is really unfair to men. Fed up of the situation, he asks for the world to be interchanged, and hell breaks lose. The story line follows the various changes in Kiran’s life that happen after the interchange which makes him want to take his wish back. It’s not easy being a woman, Kiran learns. It’s hilarious to watch a man to go through all the girly problems, which is why you should watch Man’s World immediately.

Web series you should watch

5. Baked

Produced by Pechkas Pictures and Scoopwhoop talkies, Baked is the life story of every youth currently. Getting out of college and not knowing what to do stands true for every person out there. Everything is about money, and that’s what three dudes from DU university want. They need a business that can help them with cash, that’s all they want from life. Endorsing the idea that nobody is perfect, the hilarious up and down in every youngster’s life, how we’re just looking for fun, Baked is all about that and more. All the characters are flawed, there’s no stereotypical characterization which is why the show gets it right on all the lines. A must watch for all youngsters out there, watch it and feel better, you’re not alone.

Web series you should watch
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