Simar turns into a house fly

Simar turns into a house fly

She was a happy woman before. After all that she had been through, like dealing with the queen of hell and doing weird dances that hurt her legs after being possessed by the same queen, her life was finally going to be less dramatic. She was planning to go on a vacation to clear things out and have some time alone, but life intervened. Let me tell you, fighting the Queen of Hell is not easy. Have you ever done something like that? Nobody has, because it’s impossible, but this is Simar we’re talking about. There’s nothing this woman can’t do. We know what all she’s capable of, and after the whole incident, we thought maybe now Simar’s stars would calm down and make things better for her. If only life went as we want it to be.

Simar turns into a house fly

We don’t really know how this happened, but Simar entered a cottage in search of something. Maybe she wanted an escape, but boom! Enter creepy Baba, straight from the minds of the writers. We don’t know why she found a need to break down a building like structure from which emerged Baba. He had apparently been doing tapasya since a long time, enclosing himself in that structure, but really how did he do it? He may have asked his students to do that. Back to the heroine of the story, Simar breaks down the structure, revealing creepy Baba in his creepy voice. He’s damn pissed, and why wouldn’t he be. All this drama has shifted to his cave, he could be meeting God in the same moment but his fate brought Simar. Baba, your tapasya is as useless as the show.

Breaking his intense meditation mode got Baba mad, very mad. He retaliated and cursed Simar, turning her into, wait for it, not yet, still time, okay here it is, A House Fly (Makkhi). Thanks Baba, all of us are thankful to you. You know it’s stuff like this you do that God doesn’t want to meet you at all. Why would you turn her into a house fly? Don’t you think we’ve tolerated enough? None of us are following the show, WE ARE NOT, but these ads everywhere that make people question the sanity of the writers feed us all this nonsense. You could have stopped it Baba, like seriously you could have just caught her by the her and strangled her to death, and we could all take a deep breath and be happy about the fact that another stupid TV show is over, something new might come up, something interesting. But Baba no, you provided them with more stupid content. And why a house fly? Thanks for your contribution Baba, really appreciate it.

Simar turns into a fly

Before Simar could react, she turned into a house fly. Baba got his magic working in seconds. Maybe Baba could join the government, things would happen faster than they do now. Or he could work his magic on restaurants, so we could get our food faster. But no, Baba wants to waste his magic on a stupid show. Priorities on point, Baba. Anyway, our beloved Simar, now a house fly cannot obviously convince people that she is Simar. A) Because nobody can speak fly language except flies, and ain’t nobody a fly here, and B) because she why would anyone be talking to a fly? It’s not like a fly would say “Psst” and we’d go in the corner to discuss fly problems. I know you think what is the point of all this, but what is the point of these TV shows really?

Magically, Simar is able to find her house and enter through the front door. Seriously, you’re a fly, you could enter through anywhere but you chose the door, classy. Her mother-in-law in standing right there, and the first thing she notices is a fly. Old woman, you’re dope. Wearing specs and everything but you notice a fly entering through the door. Can you provide us with your optician’s number? He sure knows what he’s doing. She not only notices it, but pushes the fly preventing it from coming to her ears and saying “I’m Simar, sasu maa”, why would you do that? Are you insane? That’s your daughter-in-law right there. Can’t you see it, now that we’ve established you’re eyesight is pretty swell?

Simar turns into a house fly

Simar, disheartened rests on her photo, which is evident enough to prove that this fly is her, but sadly no one notices. And we get to know that another story is going to start, another story of how a poor girl has to struggle and be what she is not, a house fly. It’s sad to see this state of Indian television where stupid content is able to get TRPs, while sensible channels telecasting excellent contents cannot find appropriate attention from the audience.


Writers at Sasural Simar Ka are smoking something and we all need it.

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