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Shows On Netflix That You Need To Watch

The Internet has given us more reasons to avoid people and stay at home watching shows and movies all the time. Netflix is one of those reasons. With a wide variety of shows available in different genres, there’s something for everyone on Netflix. From horror, dramas, comedies to documentaries, shows on Netflix give you everything you ever wanted. Here’s a list of shows on Netflix you need to watch –

Ever wondered what goes inside the minds of serial and psycho killers? Why do they do the horrific things? What do they behave the way they do? Mindhunter, based on a book of the same name, follows the story of Special Agent Holden Ford, who tries to gain an insight into what drives people to kill and commit heinous crimes. With ten episodes in the first season, Mindhunter will entice you and make you wish the second season came out already.

Shows On Netflix

The Sinner
A woman murders a stranger at the beach for no reason whatsoever. She doesn’t know him, she’s not mentally unstable, but she does that. Why? Well, you will have to see the show to know why. Starring Jessica Beil as Cora Tennatti, a loving mother and wife, who murders a man in cold blood but doesn’t have an idea as to why she did that. The show is perfect for all psycho-thriller genre lovers who dig into mystery and crime dramas.

Shows On Netflix

Stranger Things
If you haven’t seen Stranger Things yet, you’re really missing out on one of the good shows out there. Four friends, the city of Hawkins, a mysterious laboratory and a lot of weird activities makes Stranger Things an exciting adventure. In every episode, you feel like a part of the series. Two seasons have Stranger Things have come out, both critically acclaimed and loved by the audience. Get your binge-watch cap on.

Shows On Netflix

You’re late to the party if you haven’t watched Narcos yet. Four seasons of the show have been out, all lauded by the critics for the story and performances. The first two seasons follow the life of the drug-lord Pablo Escobar while the last two seasons focus on the Cali Cartel. The drug war, the violence, the performance by all actors and the execution will make you a fan instantly.

Shows On Netflix

13 Reasons Why
A high school girl kills herself and leaves behind a series of tapes that explains why she did that. Why did she do it? Where did it all begin? Who is responsible for her death? Do we really understand mental health? 13 Reasons Why answers all these questions, one episode at a time. A show that sparked the debate of how deadly depression can be, you need to watch it and learn a thing or two about the same.

Shows On Netflix

Give all your time to these shows on Netflix.

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