No One - Game Of Thrones

No One – Game Of Thrones

Season 6 of Game Of Thrones is about to come to an end in two episodes. Two more Mondays that will be utilized for watching and discussing the episode, and a year’s wait for the next one. Life is hard indeed. The series has reached that point wherein we just want to know who is going to conquer and sit on the Iron Throne, and what is the fate of our beloved characters. We hope valar Morghulis isn’t true. However, given George RR Martin’s history with killing off characters mercilessly, leaving us devastated, it wouldn’t be a complete shock if that happened. Hoping for the best, it’s getting impossible to wait for episode 9 and 10, now that we’re getting to business.

No One was an intense episode. We saw a lot of development in almost all character plots. With so many things happening, No One was a promise that the last two episodes are going to be massive. As the name suggests, the episode was mainly concentrated on Arya, and on how she made us all cheer! Game Of Thrones, Season 6 Episode 8 – No One review :

1. Arya “Badass” Stark

Ever since Arya refused to give up on her Stark morals and not kill Lady Crane, The Waif was assigned the task of killing her by Jaquen H’Ghar. It all began in the last episode where Arya was brutally stabbed by The Waif, and she would have died if she hadn’t jumped into the river. Roaming on the streets bleeding furiously, we see her take shelter backstage to the theatre troop where she’s found by Lady Crane. She takes Arya to her place and bandages up her wounds, provides her a not so tasty soup and more medicines to help her get better sooner. But The Waif enters the house next morning and murders Lady Crane ferociously. Hereby begins a chase through the busy streets of Braavos where Arya falls off the staircase in one scene, further ruining her unhealed wounds. The blood trial she leaves behind is followed by the Waif where she finds Arya sitting in a cave, feeble and not able to fight anymore. The Waif does some trash talk when Arya reveals her Needle, and slices the candle in two, leading to darkness. We don’t hear anything now. The next scene shows Jaquen following a blood trial leading to the hall of faces, where we see The Waif’s face hanging right there. Arya enters, and when Jaquen says she finally became No One, Arya’s reply had us all in goosebumps. “A girl is Arya Stark and I’m going home,” and she says this, walks away like a total boss, and there’s nothing Jaquen could really do. There’s finally some good news for Arya, and we know she’s capable enough to protect her.

No One - Game Of Thrones

2. Cersei and her champion

There’s a lot happening in King’s Landing, especially after Jaime left. Tommen is completely under the Faith’s influence, and is repeating what is told to him. The only thing keeping Cersei alive is The Mountain, and he gave us another example as to why he was chosen to protect her. Lancel along with fellow members of the Faith forcefully enter the Red Keep seeking Cersei to tell her that the High Septon wishes to speak to her at the Sept. We know Cersei, she’s not the one to follow commands from anybody, so religious fanatics are no exception. She obviously refuses her cousin Lancel, and makes it clear that she has no interest in what the High Septon wants or requires of her. Lancel is adamant on taking her, and enter, The Mountain. Cersei, very quietly just walks aside, telepathically telling The Mountain that it’s time for a showdown. One of Lancel’s friend attacks his armour, and let’s just say he didn’t live to tell the tale. Mr. Gregor just pulled his head off his body, and the other’s just stood there doing nothing. Let’s take a moment here to describe Cersei’s smirk. She knows nobody is even a match to The Mountain, and after what he did to the man, none of the fanatics would dare approach them again. She’s proud, she knows nobody can touch her with Gregor by her side and she knows how to handle these petty situations. However, now that Trial By Combat has been abolished, it’s going to be fun to see what her next move will be. 

No One - Game Of Thrones

3. Daenerys back in the house

Tyrion and Varys are shown strolling around Meereen and the city seems better than it was before. Tyrion points out how he’s happy there’s peace in Meereen and the people are not on a verge of rioting. We get to know that Varys would be leaving his beloved friend and going away for research purpose. We don’t know what it is exactly, but the most beautiful thing followed. Their goodbyes are adorable, and we get real friendship goals straight from Meereen. Tyrion returns to the Pyramid where he forces Missandei and Greyworm to have wine. They make some jokes which are funny only to themselves, however Tyrion’s pity laugh at Missandei’s joke is just another proof of how chivalrous he is. This happy moment is disrupted when the city bells are heard and we get to know that Meereen has been under attack by the Masters who have come here to take back what is theirs. Tyrion realized that negotiating with the Masters was not a wise decision, and is criticized by Greyworm for doing so. They decide to stay in the Pyramid until all this is sorted out, but something huge lands on the top of the pyramid. While we all knew who it was, it took sometime for the characters to know it was Drogon, ridden by The Mother Of Dragons who has finally returned to Meereen. Let’s watch her slay now.

No One - Game Of Thrones

4. Sandor Clegane

Last episode, we saw that the Hound was furious when the villagers he was roaming around with were mass murdered by some members of The Brotherhood Without Banners. We saw him get hold of an axe, walking angrily, indicating that he’s going to kill them, and now we see he really went on a hunting expedition. He kills some men who in my opinion were gross, and asks them for the others who killed his friends. He reaches a place in the woods where Beric Dondarrion and his mates are hanging three men, for the same reason The Hound wanted to kill them. There’s a little bit of negotiation in which Sandor is allowed to kill two of them. He wants to butcher them with the axe, but is forbidden to do so, which is why he just pushes the table on which they were standing and kills them. Beric asks The Hound to join the Brotherhood Without Banners which is best for him really, they love to kill and fight, and Sandor knows he’s good at both. A peaceful life is not his cup of tea, we just cannot picture him that way. It’d be a good life for Sandor with the Brotherhood, and maybe he could learn some things that would ultimately help him in the Cleganebowl. Because we’re team The Hound ever since he said “f*ck the king”, so we really want him to destroy the zombie Mountain for good.

No One - Game Of Thrones

5. Ser Jaime and Brienne of Tarth

At Riverrun, it’s clear that the Blackfish isn’t going to give up his home so easily. Brienne and Podrick arrive at Riverrun to seek Blackfish’s help for the war in the North. Brienne meets Jaime where she tells him that she’s going to persuade Blackfish to give up the castle and travel north to help Sansa and Jon. Jaime knows this is not happening, but he still gives her time till the end of the night. Brienne however tells him that if he refuses, she would have no choice but to fight the battle against him. Blackfish, as expected said he would never leave his home. Unsuccessful in her plans, Brienne sends a Raven to Sansa saying she failed. Edmure Tully is brainwashed into letting the Lannisters take siege of the castle without any resistance, and Blackfish dies fighting for his home. Jaime, very successfully and without any bloodshed gets control of the castle. Brienne and Podrick with the help of Blackfish, leave Riverrun, where Brienne’s eyes set on Jaime’s and they wave at each other. It’s clear that Brienne really likes him, and if Jaime was not involved in the incestuous relationship with his sister, they would totally be a thing. Don’t worry Brienne, Tormund awaits you up in the North.

No One - Game Of Thrones

What’s the other best thing about Mondays? Next episode promo. And oh my god, war is coming! The Battle Of The Bastards is here. Episode 9 will be huge, Ramsay and Jon will fight each other for Winterfell. The promo is all about the war in the north, so we know nothing else is more important than that in the next episode.
Next Monday, can you come soon please?

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