Game of thrones - blood of my blood

Game of Thrones – Blood of my blood

Monday is back and so is our happiness. Game Of Thrones came out with yet another episode of the most magnificent season of all, the Season Six. Last episode saw the death of Hodor, we haven’t been able to digest that as yet. Blood Of My Blood was not as good as the last two episodes, but we have some clues that nothing but chaos can be expected from the last four episodes. There have been a lot of movements, change in plots and return of some old characters. Game Of Thrones – Blood of My Blood review, the 8 best things that happened in the 6th episode –


Game Of Thrones, a show which makes you love beasts you should normally fear. This enormous creature was last seen in Season Five when Dany escaped Meereen on his back after the Sons of Harpy mass murdered the people at the Daznak’s Pit. Taking her to a hill top, we see him wounded, and this is where the Mother of Dragons met him for the last time too. Awaiting him since the beginning of Season Six, Drogon finally makes his extravagant appearance in Blood Of My Blood, and oh if it hasn’t been worth the wait! Our beast has grown up, and looks deadlier than ever. While Dany is getting to Meereen with the Dothraki’s, she gets a bit distracted. She can sense her dragon, being a mother of course, and comes back riding on him giving us more reasons as to why we want her on the Iron Throne more than ever now.

Game Of Thrones - Blood of my blood

2. Daenerys Stormborn, you’re going places.

Mother of Dragons knew her child has found her and she comes back riding Drogon. However, that is not the only thing she does. Daenerys is fierce, and now we know, the woman is not backing down. Her goals are clear in her head, she has plans, and she knows what to do when she gets back to Meereen. By the end of this season, we’re definitely going to see her make a move to the West, conquering all the places and showing her incredible power. For her to move forward, she first needs an army that follows her. The Unsullied, the Second Sons and now the Dothraki have seen her prowess. And she’s not making any false promises. This time, the Dothraki witness themselves how powerful and capable Daenerys really is, riding a dragon that huge and stating all her plans. She asks them whether they’ll support her or not, and she really didn’t have to. Nobody could deny her anything after that beautiful sight. Mother and son unite, Westeros, you’re about to witness something out of this world!

Game of thrones - blood of my blood

3. Welcome back Benjen Stark!

Around Season Three we were completely sure that Benjen Stark was killed by the White Walkers. And why wouldn’t we? A character who was last seen in Season One after which, only stories of him being lost North of the Wall were heard. Given the history of the fate of Starks, it was pretty clear that Benjen also met his death. But no, he’s not. Meera is pretty tired of having to drag a fully grown boy around in snow, and she cannot walk any further. Bran is lost in his vision. She is completely helpless and gives up, when Bran wakes up from his vision and says that the Wights have found them. Just as the army of the dead is about to attack them, a rider with his face covered kills most of them and saves Meera and Bran. We knew it was Benjen, but it took Bran a little time to realize who it was. And it’s revealed, it really is Benjen Stark who apparently was called upon by the Three Eyed Raven. We know who it is.

Game of thrones - blood of my blood

4. Lannisters and vulnerability

Back at King’s Landing, it’s time for Margaery’s walk of atonement. As we already know, the Tyrells and the Lannisters weren’t going to let that happen. The army is summoned upon right before the High Sparrow can announce the atonement. And just when we thought there’s going to be a battle between the Faith and The Crown, Tommen Baratheon emerges from the Septum and announces the alliance between the both of them. Way to kill the mood, guys! Jaime is furious, for he’s always wanted to knock that smiling head of High Sparrow and crush is into pieces with his golden hand. But no, Tommen has completely different plans for him. He’s removed from Kingsguard and ordered to lead the army at Riverrun, to help Walder Frey. Jaime is not too happy that his son was easily convinced by the High Sparrow. Cersei knows this is best for Jaime, as otherwise, he’d be locked up inside the Septum. We do know one thing here, nothing is going as planned for the Lannisters. We keep hearing words like “take revenge”, “our enemies”, but they’re too involved in their own misery to be doing anything as of now. Let’s see how long they can survive.

Game of thrones - blood of my blood

5. Old wicked owl

Walder Frey (yes this evil old man is still alive) has a new wife who’s young enough to be his great great great granddaughter. His sons lost Riverrun (Tully’s homeland) to Blackfish. He’s furious, spanking the shit out of his poor little wife, and wants Riverrun back. Why can’t this old man just give up and die? Walder Frey, did you not do enough at the Red Wedding? Nevertheless, he wants it back at any cost and we now see another old character. Edmure Tully, yes, the groom from the Red Wedding, who is captured by Walder Frey. He’s alive, but it isn’t for too long. That wicked owl clearly does not like to see people alive. Edmure is held hostage and through him, Riverrun will be taken back. However, because of this, we’re going to see a battle. Jaime is on his way to Riverrun to help Walder Frey. Blackfish won’t back down easily, there’s going to be a lot of conflict and chaos, and this is exactly why we all love Game Of Thrones.

Game of thrones - blood of my blood

6. Tarlys and inhouse conflict

Sam and Gilly are shown in the episode arriving at Hornhill, Sam’s home. We’re already given an introduction of the Tarlys by Sam himself. His mother and sister are very loving and welcome both of them to their home. Just by the way, little Sam is adorable. However, Randyll Tarly does not receive them and is out for hunting. Father of the year, really! He does join them for dinner which is pretty much “let’s make fun of Sam” session. He’s called fat, not a man, and a lot of other things Samwell Tarly is most definitely not. Sam and Gilly lie about little Sam being their son and Gilly not being a Wildling, which Randyll catches (only the not being a wildling part) when Gilly tells him about Sam’s heroic deed. We learn that Randyll hates Wildlings, but he was willing to give Gilly and little Sam a little place in his house. Sam however was never allowed to return back to Hornhill. He agrees at first but then realising how cruel his father can be, Sam leaves along with Gilly, Little Sam and a Valerian Steel ancestral sword of the Tarlys. Way to go Sam, you prove your father wrong!

Game of thrones - blood of my blood

7. A girl has a name

Arya Stark in the last episode was assigned  the task of killing an actress Lady Crane who seems really nice. Arya however does her research watching that god awful play so many times and she cannot find anything bad on Lady Crane. While the play is being performed, she manages to put the poison inside Lady Crane’s rum. As soon as she’s about to leave, Lady Crane asks her who she is and what she’s doing her. They both share a little words when Lady Crane says that Arya’s eyes are very expressive. She seems really nice, she’s good to strangers, she’s a good actress, she’s beautiful and there’s no reason Arya thinks she should die. Just as Lady Crane is about to drink her rum, Arya pushes the glass which falls down and breaks into pieces. Very syly she puts the blame on Bianca, the other actress who envies Lady Crane, and walks away like a boss. We see her digging out Needle, her sword gifted by Jon and now we know, Arya has had enough of the Faceless Gods. She’s going to run away, or fight them, whatever it is, we hope for a Stark reunion to happen as soon as possible.

Game of thrones - blood of my blood

8. Three eyed raven 2.0

Last episode, the Three Eyed Raven was killed by the Night King when Bran was having a vision about how Hodor became Hodor (sobs), (more sobs). Before that, he transferred all his knowledge to Bran and we got a new Three Eyed Raven. While Meera is dragging him away from the army of the dead, Bran is lost in his visions. The most important part about these visions however is that they’re not about him anymore. They’re not related to his family. He’s not back at Winterfell, he doesn’t see young Ned Stark. His visions go way back to The Mad King’s time when he ordered his army to kill everyone with wildfire. He sees Robb’s death in his vision and other things that happened in the past which he hasn’t witnessed himself. These visions are trying to tell him something, trying to show him something. While the others are busy taking over the world and think they’re important, it is Bran Stark who’ll be emerging as the pioneer character in Game Of Thrones. He knows what the real war is, and only he will know how to stop them. We’re waiting for R + L = J, though!

Game of thrones - blood of my blood
Tyrion, where are you?

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