Friends Darkest Fan Theories

Friends Darkest Fan Theories

The One With The Dark Theories

Friends has been a huge influence on people ever since the show aired for the first time in the year 1994. The main cast playing the roles of our favorite dysfunctional squad that kept spreading joy all over the world. Rachel, Ross, Chandler, Monica, Joey and Phoebe are names everyone is familiar with and being loyal fans that we are, we’ve seen all episodes. Friends may have ended on a happy note, with the characters moving on with their lives, the internet begs to differ. A series that ended in 2004 still has millions and millions of fans, who have the darkest theory centering around the characters and their lives. We bring to you a compilation of the darkest Friends theories fans came up with –

1. Alternative Ending

This theory is the mother of all dark theories related to Friends. It suggests a creepy alternative to the way the show ended, which would have really left us heartbroken and creeped out. Thank God this fan was not one of the writers are the show. The theory shows how the fan would have ended friends, which suggests that the whole thing was a mere imagination of a meth-addled Phoebe. Weird, right? See the whole thing for yourself and prepare to have your mind blasted.

Friends Darkest Fan Theories

2. Ross lost Ben’s custody

You know who Ben is. A child of Ross’s with ex-wife turned lesbian Carol, who used to be a part of Ross’s life until Season 8. Emma, Ross and Rachel’s accidental love child is born who is never seen meeting her half-brother Ben. And not just that, Ross almost never meets Ben, or even speaks of him on the show. While the reason may have been the child actor huge break in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, but fans suggest Ross lost Ben’s custody to Carol. Him not mentioning Ben in the later episodes may have been some sort of coping mechanism to losing his child’s custody. While we’ll never know if this was true or not, we can’t help but agree to this being true.

Friends Darkest Fan Theories

3. Phoebe’s apartment was burned by porn barons

In Season 6, Phoebe and Rachel’s apartment catches fire which is why Phoebe has to move in with Chandler and Monica, while Rachel moves in with Joey. Fan theory suggests that this fire was no accident, but the work of porn barons Phoebe tried to mess with some episodes before. When she finds out the Ursula has been a part of porn movies under her name, she barges into the office of the company and collects all cheques named under her sister. Not only that, she even provides them her address stating this is where they should be sending the future cheques to. Not a plan she thought through, though.

Friends Darkest Fan Theories

4. Monica may have been an illegitimate child

Judy Geller picking on Monica is something we saw every season and got used to it. Judy never stopped throwing insults at Monica which may have been more deep than it seemed. It wasn’t because of Monica being fat, or being a Chef, but may have been a bigger issue than that. Monica may not have been Judy legitimate daughter after all. The way Judy always treated Monica only suggested how she loathed her daughter because she was a love child with someone she clearly doesn’t love anymore. Whenever she saw Monica, she saw a mistake she made and that’s why vented out all her hatred on her. That’s just mean, Judy!

Friends Darkest Fan Theories

5. Gunther loved Rachel more than we know

Did you ever wonder how every time the gang was at the coffee house, they would always get the exact same spot? Well, someone did. And it may not have been a plot hole or co-incidence after all. The reason why the whole squad was seen at the exact same place in every episode may have been because Gunther reserved the couch for them for this one and only reason, and get this, he loved Rachel and wanted to see more of her. The typical one-sided lover he way, Gunther could get a perfect view of his crush while working which is why he kept the couch reserved. Poor Gunther!

Friends Darkest Fan Theories


Mind blowing, right?

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