Every Conference Call In The World

That’s right, Monday is back. It’s back to haunt all of us, followed by four other days of pure torture. Seriously, who even made the concept of earning your living? Why can’t we just chill inside the caves like the old times? If only there was a time machine! We would go back and change […]

Every Client Meeting Ever

There are two things everyone hates when working. Number one is getting up early five days a week to work for a 9-5 job, like a continuous life cycle till you’re old. And number two is clients who make the already bad work life worst. Client meeting are an absolute pain to everyone. They never […]

Why You Need Your Job

It’s a Monday. Nobody likes Monday except for babies who don’t have much to do with their lives except for the crying. Why would they hate Mondays? For them, every day is a Sunday. Until they start going to school, how does time really matter to them anyway? It’s us adults, who have been forced […]

Why Drunk People Are The Best

Let me explain to you how the life of an average person in their 20s works. Five days a week, they slog hard at work, all in the hope of partying the two days they would get as a gift in the face of Saturday and Sunday. Do you think they would want to spend […]

When Your Work Bestie Leaves

Only some people among us like to spend five days a week slogging behind computer screens, working. While most of us would run to another part of the world, change their names and live on an isolated island if they could. The latter only have one thing that keeps them going at work. Work bestie […]

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