Types Of Dances At Parties

Welcome to Monday. Welcome to another week of questioning your existence. Welcome to another week of wondering exactly when you asked for this monotonous life. Just, welcome. How’s it going? Not very good, I assume. How was the weekend? Did you dance your troubles away? What kind of dance was it? There are different types […]

What To Do This The Long Weekend

Rarely we are blessed with an extra holiday that extends the two day weekend. Which is why when you get a long weekend, you need to live it to the fullest. Tomorrow being the Republic Day, we all have a holiday, making this weekend of three days a big deal. What have you planned? Nothing? […]

When You Have To Work On Saturday

The whole concept of growing up, getting stable jobs that help you pay bills and leaving behind everything to be focused on that is disturbing on many levels. You hated this life the minute you set foot on it. We all did, it’s okay to accept. Sometimes, all we wish to do is go back […]

Getting Over The Monday Blues

It’s Monday again! Why! Why did weekends only have to last for two days? How is any of this fair? Who made the concept of time and days? Why does it always come back to Mondays? Why oh why! Monday blues are a thing. You can Google it. It happens when you really don’t feel […]

Planning A Perfect Father’s Day

Not that you need a single day to be thankful to your father for everything he does for you, but it’s Father’s Day and you should be doing something. Fathers are really tricky so you have to be very careful with what you surprise them with. Here’s a guide to planning a perfect father’s day […]

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