What To Do This The Long Weekend

Rarely we are blessed with an extra holiday that extends the two day weekend. Which is why when you get a long weekend, you need to live it to the fullest. Tomorrow being the Republic Day, we all have a holiday, making this weekend of three days a big deal. What have you planned? Nothing? […]

The Last Week of 2017

What is even happening to the time wheel? Does anyone else feel like these years are running too fast? It’s like we have all been thrown into the last week of 2017 within a fraction of a second. What’s up, time? You doing okay? Now that the last week is here, you might as well […]

Signs That You Are The Bad Influence In Your Squad

Remember those innocent days when your favourite F word used to be Friday? Yeah, those were the days. Friday is still one of your favourite F words, but maybe 2nd. There’s been a lot of changes in you ever since, and you’ve always believed in imparting knowledge rather than keeping it to yourself. You’ve learned […]

Making Plans On WhatsApp

Everyone needs a squad. To get through difficult times or just to forget about everything and enjoy, our squad is what we need. But it isn’t always easy. The toughest part of to coordinate with everyone for a plan. The bigger a squad is, the bigger problems occur. These plans are often madeĀ over WhatsApp. WhatsApp […]

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