Signs That You Are A Grown-Up Kid

Being an adult is rough, to put it mildly. To put it harshly, it is like being stranded on an island without any aid or skills. The process of ageing is tough. One minute you’re just going to school, kicking it with your friends and chilling out. And before you can even comprehend, the next […]

Things You Will Find In Every Guy’s Bag

If you thought it’s only the girls that carry loads of things in their bags, you’re wrong. Guys have their own set of necessary things they need while traveling, which is why their bag packs look like it contains a mountain within. Following are the things you will find in every guy’s bag – 1. Deodorant […]

Snacks to eat during monsoon

Because food is always better than people. Monsoons are undoubtedly the mother of all seasons. Especially in Mumbai, the rains only enhance the beauty of the city. However, there’s nothing more comfortable than being at home and watching the rains fall onto the ground. And a perfect combination would be munching on delicious food. For […]

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