Happy Valentine’s Day To You

Yes, it’s that day of the year when single people have the most unhappy feeling inside. They act all tough and unaffected from the outside, but we all know the crave for being with someone. Who said Valentine’s Day is about loving another person? Why can’t you love yourself? Why can’t you be your own […]

Annoying Things That Couples Do

When you are single, there is nothing you hate more than watching couples all around you, all happy and prosperous in love. It’s like the universe is playing some evil game on you by placing couples in your way all the time. It’s one thing to watch them, and a completely different thing to tolerate […]

Promises That You Should Make To Yourself

Another year of being single and you’ve probably given up by now. If you’re at the stage where everything related to love and couples irritates the shit out of you, welcome to the club my friend. Right now, all around you, you can only see people making promises to each other that they’ve probably broken […]

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