Things You Must Do With Your Best Friend

Best friends are those people we are given by the Almighty as compensation for a completely non-existent love life. You may not have a boyfriend/girlfriend, but you’ll always have a best friend. It’s their job to be there for you, and moreover, what would you do without them? Best friends are incredibly special, that’s why […]

Welcome The Mumbai Shopping Festival

When it comes to fashion, Mumbai is the best. Be it street shopping or high-end brands, Mumbai has a lot to offer, especially in the Mumbai Shopping Festival. Shopaholics, and basically everyone else, because this is kind of a once a year opportunity for us. The Maharashtra government has organized the Mumbai Shopping Festival to […]

Saving Up For iPhone 7

Brace yourselves, iPhone 7 is here. Every time when the android/Windows phones start gaining a little ground, Apple strikes back with a magnificent new iPhone that hits them right where it hurts. And yet again, launching the most awaited smartphones of the year, iPhone has yet again not failed to amaze us. The astounding work […]

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