How To Creep Out Your Roommate

When you live with someone for a longer time, you’re bound to get attached to them. And with attachments come fun, and with fun comes pranks that you can play on them, even when it’s not April fool’s day. You can also creep them out with your antics because you’re a pro at that. If […]

Dealing With Rude Landlords

Sharing an apartment is not easy. Dealing with everything on your own, handling all this adult issues when you’re really a child at heart, paying bills and working for five days a week is not easy. But it can get worse when you have a landlord whose only purpose in life is to make life […]

Problems All Roommates Go Through Together

Roommates are blessings (if you’re lucky enough). From tackling household issues to dealing with personal problems, they share all the problems with you. They become your family away from family. Following are certain problems all roommates go through together – 1. Landlord Problems Some landlords are straight out of Disney movies. They’re sweet, welcoming and […]

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