What Everyone Expects From A Roommate

Living with roommates can be fun, but what if you end up with someone who’s difficult to live with? There are certain things every person expects from their roommate, which are necessities before you sign up for living with someone. Helping you be a good roommate, What Everyone Expects From A Roommate – 1. Hygiene […]

Types of roommates

Sharing an apartment with someone is not everyone’s cup of tea. You have to be adjusting, patient and able to tolerate people. While things can go extremely long with a person, you can find a friend in the person you’re living with. But as obvious, you don’t know what you’re signing up for. A person […]

25 signs of a bad roommate

A good roommate is someone who cooks delicious meals, gives you pep talks when you’re low, carries you safely back home when you’re high and doesn’t make a fuss about small issues. Finding a good roommate is tough, and if you have one, go give them a hug now. They deserve all the love and […]

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