When You Have To Work On Saturday

The whole concept of growing up, getting stable jobs that help you pay bills and leaving behind everything to be focused on that is disturbing on many levels. You hated this life the minute you set foot on it. We all did, it’s okay to accept. Sometimes, all we wish to do is go back […]

Books Every Young Adult Should Read

Books are the best company to keep. On weekends when you have no plan or anybody you want to socialize with, the best way to keep yourself occupied is reading books. A cup of coffee along with a good book to read is the best thing to do in this weather. Here are certain books […]

How Planning A Getaway With Friends Ends Up Like

Weekends are rough when you have friends who don’t understand the concept on coordination and mutual understanding. If you’re sitting at home and reading this, you have the worst friends one could ask for. You’ve tried to fix that quite a lot of times, but it’s always ended up being the worst decision of your […]

Thriller Movies You Should See

Isn’t Saturday the best? A whole week of tolerating everyone’s nonsense is fine if it ends in this beautiful day. You’re allowed to do whatever you want and why waste that opportunity? You know what’s the best? Watching movies and ignoring everything in the world. The best genre to watch is thriller/mystery movies that keep […]

Stages Of Making Plans With Friends

If there’s anything more complicated than understanding Physics, it is making plans with your friends. Everyone’s cockiness, inability to accept they’re wrong and passive aggressiveness is pretty visible when it comes to making plans. If at all you guys make it to the 7th stage, you’ll know how much of brain is involved in this. […]

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