Every Party In The World

Everyone knows what a party is. It’s the gathering of people to take a break from their boring, stupid lives that may or may not include alcohol. More or less, all parties are the same. They all have one goal, and that is to forget about life and its adversities for some time and at […]

Things To Do Before Going On A Vacation

We are about to be blessed with the vacation season soon. With Christmas and New Year right around the corner, everybody is taking leaves to go away for celebration with family and friends. And why shouldn’t you? All this hard work and dedication you’ve shown at work deserves to end in partying. Even if you […]

Things You Need For December 2017

What a ride it has been! It seems like just yesterday when we were celebrating 2017, and now it’s almost 2018. What is even happening? December 2017, the final month is upon us and we’re going to rave hard with this one. December has always been the party month. With so many birthdays, Christmas and […]

Zodiac Signs At A Party

If you believe in zodiac signs, you know they are responsible for a lot of things, like our behavioural patterns. At a party, everyone behaves in a different manner. You’ll find all kinds of people at a party, which means a lot of zodiac signs. Here’s how you’ll see different zodiac signs at a party […]

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