If Weekdays Were People

Congratulations, you’ve made it to another week. Welcome to a new week that is full of responsibilities you never asked for, jobs you need to do to survive in this world and pay bills instead of treating yourself. Out of the seven days of a week, Saturday and Sunday are the only cool days. The […]

Types Of Dances At Parties

Welcome to Monday. Welcome to another week of questioning your existence. Welcome to another week of wondering exactly when you asked for this monotonous life. Just, welcome. How’s it going? Not very good, I assume. How was the weekend? Did you dance your troubles away? What kind of dance was it? There are different types […]

Signs That Your Social Life Is Dead

We live in a world where if most people where given a choice to stop talking to the human kind altogether, they would happily choose that. If you don’t know what social life is, you probably don’t have one. Social life means to be hanging out with a lot of people, talking to them on […]

Types Of People At A New Year Party

The last day of 2017 is upon us. Tonight, if you’re not raging with your best friends and family, you’re not doing it right. New year parties are the best. One minute you’re just chilling, listening to music and dancing, and the other minute you’re puking on the rooftop of some building. Good times, indeed. […]

The Last Week of 2017

What is even happening to the time wheel? Does anyone else feel like these years are running too fast? It’s like we have all been thrown into the last week of 2017 within a fraction of a second. What’s up, time? You doing okay? Now that the last week is here, you might as well […]

Every New Year Plan Right Now

What’s up? Monday’s killing you too, isn’t it? Don’t worry, the week has just started. There are more disappointments, yawns and daydreaming in store. But here’s something that might be keeping you going this month. Yes, it’s almost time for New Year celebrations. Has your squad started planning yet? Then you know what the happiness […]

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