Ant-Man and the Wasp Review

Don’t you love it when Marvel comes out with another movie? It’s the single-most reason for survival in many people’s life. After that heartbreaking, nerve-spinning, head-crashing end of Avengers: Infinity War, two movies are really important. Ant-Man and the Wasp and Captain Marvel are going to include things that will eventually lead to the last […]

Bigger, Better, Funnier: Deadpool 2 Review

One of the coolest, funniest, the most badass and unfiltered superhero that the MCU has blessed us with is Deadpool. Ryan Reynolds, starring in the titular role in his first stand-alone movie as Deadpool back in 2016. The first Deadpool earned rave reviews from the critics, being the highest grossing R-Rated movie ever. Be it […]

It’s The Avengers Infinity War Day

Marvel fans, where you at? Probably at the theatre right now, if you really are Marvel fans. What a journey it has been! Growing up watching our favourite Marvel superheroes in live action movies, crying with them, fighting with them, feeling all sorts of emotions watching their journey, oh what memories! It has all been […]

Black Panther Review

Marvel is back with yet another movie that is soaring high at the box office. Black Panther, starring Chadwick Boseman in the titular role is the talk of the town and here’s why is deserves every bit of the praise – 1. Story of Wakanda In Civil War, we got to know about Wakanda, late […]

Upcoming Movies In The Marvel and DC Universe

Thank god for these movies, life is going to suck a little less. The Marvel and DC Universe have some of the most badass heroes and villains that always give us action-packed entertainment all year round. This year, we were blessed with movies like Spider-Man: Homecoming, Wonder Woman, Logan, Thor Ragnarok and Guardians of Galaxy […]

Reasons Why You Should Watch Thor Ragnarok

Marvel fans, what’s up? Did you have a great weekend? Of course, you did. How could you not have one when Thor Ragnarok released? Wasn’t it simply amazing? Marvel Cinematic Universe comes with yet another drop dead entertaining movie that builds the plot perfectly in line with The Avengers: Infinity Wars saga. Not for one […]

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