Why Being Kind Is Important

Kindness is a trait that is rarely seen in people today. Ever since we were kids, we have been told that being kind is important. Be it to human beings or even animals, when we show kindness, love flows fluently. It helps us build better relationships and fill the environment around with positive vibes. It […]

What Friendship Today Means

A lot has changed over the years. We have switched from telephones to mobile phones, emails to WhatsApps and outdoor games to PS4s and PUBG. Friendships have changed a great deal too. There are different categories of friendships now. There are friends you know since childhood. Then there are people you know since school days […]

Annoying Things That Couples Do

When you are single, there is nothing you hate more than watching couples all around you, all happy and prosperous in love. It’s like the universe is playing some evil game on you by placing couples in your way all the time. It’s one thing to watch them, and a completely different thing to tolerate […]

Dealing With A Long Distance Friendship

If you thought long distance relationships are really hard to be in, you’ve never really experienced what it feels like to be in a long distance friendship. We all have best friends. They make our lives bearable, keeping things interesting for us. But when they move to another city or a different country, difficult times […]

Types of First Love

Ah! The sweet sweet poison that slowly engulfs our hearts and keeps feeding on it until there’s nothing left is love. That’s right. We all know this. And still fall for it because we’re all stupid beings. We’ve all heard about first love and how it’s unforgettable. Do you know why? Because that was our […]

Signs That Potato Is Your Soulmate

If you know that potatoes are more important than people, you’ve figured out everything in life. Potatoes are the best. There’s nothing bad that comes out of potatoes. Fries, chips, wedges, you name it, they’re there for everything. If you’re a lover, here are the signs that potato is your soulmate – 1. You’ve never […]

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