Diwali Hangover And Its Effects

As much as you wouldn’t like to hear this, but Diwali is over. The five-day vacation that you had, where you did nothing productive but binge-watched shows, comes to and end. Monday will come tomorrow. We will have no break for a whole month now. However, the worst part of all this is going back […]

Signs That You Are A Grown-Up Kid

Being an adult is rough, to put it mildly. To put it harshly, it is like being stranded on an island without any aid or skills. The process of ageing is tough. One minute you’re just going to school, kicking it with your friends and chilling out. And before you can even comprehend, the next […]

Every Conference Call In The World

That’s right, Monday is back. It’s back to haunt all of us, followed by four other days of pure torture. Seriously, who even made the concept of earning your living? Why can’t we just chill inside the caves like the old times? If only there was a time machine! We would go back and change […]

How To Meet New People

People, in general, are frustrating. There is never knowing about people. At one moment they may seem totally fine, but in the other, they can be so weird, you would regret talking to them. With so many bad experiences, you hardly have the feeling to meet new people. Don’t worry, that doesn’t make you anti-social. […]

Every Client Meeting Ever

There are two things everyone hates when working. Number one is getting up early five days a week to work for a 9-5 job, like a continuous life cycle till you’re old. And number two is clients who make the already bad work life worst. Client meeting are an absolute pain to everyone. They never […]

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