Every Introvert At A Party

It’s fun being an introvert, but when you have to go out and socialize, it’s not a fun thing to do. When you have friends who like to hangout and chill, they always drag you to parties you have absolutely no interest in going to. You go only because of them, as if they’d leave […]

Types Of Parties

Parties are the best way to celebrate even the smallest of things. Weekends, first pay or even one day of not drinking need to be celebrated. We’ve all been to different parties. Some we remember, some we don’t and some we don’t want to. Following are the various types of parties – 1. House Parties […]

Stages of every house party

1. Awkward Meet and Greet So a house party usually begins at 7 pm. But as you know, your friends are lazy and stupid as hell, so they never turn up on time. Also, there’s a lot of things that has to be collected. Someone is responsible for the food, others for booze and the […]

Things not to do when drunk

If you’re drunk and reading this, please stop, you’ll just be getting ideas of what to do. Seriously, stop now. Hello “sober for now” people, how you doing? You may not be drunk now, but you’ve been drunk quite a lot of times, and you’ve all done some stupid things that you’re not proud of. […]

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