The Benefits Of Being High

Congratulations, you’ve almost made it to the weekend. Just one day and you’re free for two days. How does it feel? Not special because this has become your life? Same. The weekdays may be the same but the weekends don’t necessarily have to end the same way. Yes, you’re going to drink because you deserve […]

Things To Do When You’re High

If you’ve ever been high, you know the feeling of not caring about anything. Instead of drunk dialing your ex and making a fool out of yourself, here’s a list of certain things to do when you’re high – 1. Karaoke With being high, there come a lot of fake beliefs that you’re good at […]

Every drunk person in the world

If you hold the belief that every human being in the world is beautiful no matter what, you’ve never seen someone high as f**k. A drunk person/friend is not beautiful. They look gross, are up for doing the most stupid things, won’t take no for an answer and just won’t quit drinking at any cost. […]

Things not to do when drunk

If you’re drunk and reading this, please stop, you’ll just be getting ideas of what to do. Seriously, stop now. Hello “sober for now” people, how you doing? You may not be drunk now, but you’ve been drunk quite a lot of times, and you’ve all done some stupid things that you’re not proud of. […]

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