Types Of People Everyone Hates

People. Not everyone likes the idea of people. Not everyone feels fascinated when talking to someone new or even socializing every other weekend. It differs from person to person, the need to talk to people. But there are certain categories of people that everyone hates, no matter who they are. They all belong together when […]

How To Deal With People You Dislike

Nobody likes everyone. They’re either just very good at pretending or an imaginary person who exists in a parallel universe. Even if you have a million friends, they’ll always be this one person you despise all the time. Everything about them makes you want to puke but you cannot express your hatred because, well, society. […]

Kinds Of People Everyone Hates

People in general are no fun. They’re judgmental pricks who you absolutely loathe but are forced to be seen with them due to societal pressures of belonging and social needs. You can still bear them, at least to a point, but then there are these sub category people who are the worst of the human […]

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