Things You Must Do With Your Best Friend

Best friends are those people we are given by the Almighty as compensation for a completely non-existent love life. You may not have a boyfriend/girlfriend, but you’ll always have a best friend. It’s their job to be there for you, and moreover, what would you do without them? Best friends are incredibly special, that’s why […]

Things Only 90s Kids Remember

Being born in the 90s was the best thing in the world. Those were the simpler times when the world was easy, without the twists and turns that we live in today. If you were born in the 90s, you probably understand what this is about. This is an appreciation of the decade that is […]

Types Of People At A New Year Party

The last day of 2017 is upon us. Tonight, if you’re not raging with your best friends and family, you’re not doing it right. New year parties are the best. One minute you’re just chilling, listening to music and dancing, and the other minute you’re puking on the rooftop of some building. Good times, indeed. […]

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