Things You Need To Celebrate World Book Night

Reading is a lost habit that people of this time seem to have forgotten. And no, I’m not talking about Kindle or reading online/on the phone. I’m talking about old school reading that involved borrowing books from the library or buying them. How good were those days? The fresh smell of a new book enticing […]

Every Party In The World

Everyone knows what a party is. It’s the gathering of people to take a break from their boring, stupid lives that may or may not include alcohol. More or less, all parties are the same. They all have one goal, and that is to forget about life and its adversities for some time and at […]

Things People Do When They Are Hungry

Hunger is not just something you feel when there is nothing in your stomach. Hunger is an emotion. It can make you feel all the other kinds of emotions that you didn’t even know existed in your list of emotions. You feel angry for no rhyme or reason at someone you might not even know. […]

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