The Truths About Moving To A New City

Lots of people love to a different city in search of better job opportunities, seeking an upgraded lifestyle or just to make some changes in life. It’s hard to completely disrupt your life at some place and move to another. But, it’s definitely worth it. Here are the truths about moving to a new city, […]

Things To Do Before Going On A Vacation

We are about to be blessed with the vacation season soon. With Christmas and New Year right around the corner, everybody is taking leaves to go away for celebration with family and friends. And why shouldn’t you? All this hard work and dedication you’ve shown at work deserves to end in partying. Even if you […]

Celebrating Thanksgiving In India

The holiday season is upon us. In a month’s time, it will be Christmas, our last chance to end the year with a bang. For those who don’t know about Thanksgiving, it’s a celebration of thankfulness for the harvest. Thanksgiving is one of those festivals that celebrates bonds more than anything. When you have friends, […]

The Shaadi Season Is Here

It’s that time of the year again. The great Indian weddings are back. Whether it’s the food or the opportunity to get together with your loved ones, the shaadi season always gets you excited. Someone you know is getting married soon, and you’ve probably started preparing it by now. With the shaadi season back, here’s […]

Why Being A Middle Child Is A Blessing

Being born is not easy. Thrown into this crappy world without even asking for your permission is really not fair. But things get even more complicated when you have siblings. You’ve not only been forced to live, but also to share your happiness with this other human being that you don’t like that much. It’s […]

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