Things People Say After Having Few Beers

If you need another reason to drink tonight, the first one being Friday, you’ll be delighted to know that it’s International Beer Day. Gather some friends and avail beer day discounts at bars near you. There is no better way to spend this Friday. After having a few beers, everybody gets real. All that play […]

How To Be Travel Ready

If you’re lucky enough in life, you get to take a break from all the negativity in life. When it comes to packing, people can be absolute opposites. Some can love it like Monica, starting to pack decades before the date of journey. While the others can be Rachel when it comes to packing, waiting […]

Signs That Your Social Life Is Dead

We live in a world where if most people where given a choice to stop talking to the human kind altogether, they would happily choose that. If you don’t know what social life is, you probably don’t have one. Social life means to be hanging out with a lot of people, talking to them on […]

Every Party In The World

Everyone knows what a party is. It’s the gathering of people to take a break from their boring, stupid lives that may or may not include alcohol. More or less, all parties are the same. They all have one goal, and that is to forget about life and its adversities for some time and at […]

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