Ten Years Of Jab We Met

If you thought Bollywood movies are all cheesy and stupid, you need to update your must-watch list. Bollywood sometimes comes up with exceptional motion pictures that not only break boundaries but also are able to relate with the public. Imtiaz Ali is one such director whose movies never fail to disappoint the audience. Jab We […]

What Bollywood Has Taught Us

If you’ve grown up seeing Bollywood, you’re probably not a big fan now. Most Bollywood movies have that same story line with a lot of stupid cliches that we’ve grown to hate. There’s a lot of inappropriate stuff too that aren’t acceptable in reality. But hey, it’s just a movie, right? Here’s what Bollywood has […]

If These Bollywood Characters Were Your Roommates

We’ve all grown up watching Bollywood movies. Some were shady, some we’re ready to die for. Bollywood has blessed us with some amazing characters that are going to stay with us till the end of time. We’re cult followers of these characters. Have you thought what if these Bollywood characters were your roommates? How much […]

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