If Weekdays Were People

Congratulations, you’ve made it to another week. Welcome to a new week that is full of responsibilities you never asked for, jobs you need to do to survive in this world and pay bills instead of treating yourself. Out of the seven days of a week, Saturday and Sunday are the only cool days. The […]

Annoying Things That Couples Do

When you are single, there is nothing you hate more than watching couples all around you, all happy and prosperous in love. It’s like the universe is playing some evil game on you by placing couples in your way all the time. It’s one thing to watch them, and a completely different thing to tolerate […]

Things That Annoy Book Lovers

Book lovers, where you at? Honestly, every day is our day when there’s a good book to read with a soothing cup of coffee and silence. Books have always been our best friends, sometimes, more than human beings. You can always find answers in a book, no matter what you seek. For people like us, […]

What To Do When You Run Into Classmates

If running into people is not one of your favourite things to do in life, welcome to the club. People are never nice. It’s just pretense and then they continue speaking about you. When in school, you knew many such pretentious people and you’re happy that you passed out. But this world is a small […]

Why Dogs Are Better Than People

Human beings are weird. One second they say they’re here for you, and the second it gets darker, you’re all alone. You know who would be there for you in sickness and in health? Dogs. They will never suddenly stop loving you one day. There are many more reasons which show why dogs are better […]

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