Dealing With Annoying Roommates

Renting an apartment is a task in itself. After months of searching for a place you can call home, you finally get one. But all the efforts go in vain when you get an annoying roommate. You can always look for a different place but do you really want to go through the whole process […]

How To Deal With People You Dislike

Nobody likes everyone. They’re either just very good at pretending or an imaginary person who exists in a parallel universe. Even if you have a million friends, they’ll always be this one person you despise all the time. Everything about them makes you want to puke but you cannot express your hatred because, well, society. […]

Types Of Friends You Don’t Need

Friends are a blessing, but not always. There are certain friends you are better off without. All they do is ask for favours, complicate life and judge you 24/7. There’s enough problems in your life, you don’t need snakes disguised as friends to create more. Following are the types of friends you don’t need – […]

Types Of Annoying People

Every human being is a pain. By some laws that had been made when the universe was formed, it is necessary for people to interact. Maybe it was helpful in recent times but it is not today. Socializing sucks. And it sucks even more when all of the annoying people that exist in the world […]

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