What It Is To Grow Up

All you teenage boys and girls who cannot wait to grow up and be independent, let me burst that bubble for you. It’s no fun growing up. It’s definitely not what you have in mind. Growing up is tough. If you thought it was all like the Friends show set up where you’ll be chilling all […]

How to ask your boss for a day off

You’re a dedicated employee, you love your job and really like going to the office everyday. Your boss is kind too. But one in awhile, you just want to stay home. And how would you do that? No, don’t say you’re sick. Because calling in sick is too mainstream. Like your boss has always told […]

What growing up really is

Have you grown up with elder siblings or around elder cousins? You’ll probably understand this better. When we were little, we all thought they’re life was pretty cool. All they ever did was wake up, leave home, come back late in the night and sleep back again. It’s looked so effortless and easy. We had […]

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