Why You Need Your Job

It’s a Monday. Nobody likes Monday except for babies who don’t have much to do with their lives except for the crying. Why would they hate Mondays? For them, every day is a Sunday. Until they start going to school, how does time really matter to them anyway? It’s us adults, who have been forced […]

The Story of Salary

Hi. Today we’ll be discussing a grave issue that haunts all our lives. Yes, it’s salary. The money we get for working five days a week, sometimes six. It is supposed to last us one month, but sadly, that’s never the case. The story of salary is one of tragedy. We’re just in the middle […]

Types of Bosses

They pay for the food we eat, the drinks we get hungover on and the clothes we wear. This is an ode to those saviours called Boss. No matter how much we hate them, we know they’re important to us. On Boss’s Day, let’s take a look at the different types of bosses. 1. The […]

Dealing With Monday Blues

The most dreaded day of the week is here. Who even likes Monday? Why does this world have to work this way? Why can’t we have a five-day long weekend and only two days working? When you suck at being an adult, Mondays can be pretty rough. After two days of sleeping in and doing […]

Signs You Need A Break From Work

When it’s only Tuesday but you’ve thought about quitting your job and start living in the forest about ten times already, you know you’re fried at work by now. When was the last time you took a holiday? Can’t remember? Maybe that’s the problem. Following are the signs you need a break from work – […]

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