Why living with roommates is awesome

Living alone is liberating, no doubt, but there are certain things which one can experience while living with roommates. They become a part of your life and it doesn’t seem boring anymore. Sometimes you even find best friends in roommates, best friends who share a household with you.

Living with roommates

Here are the reasons why living with roommates is awesome –

1. Built in social circle

You don’t have to make calls to your friends asking them about plans when you’re free. All you have to do is get beers and rush home. Roommates are a built-in social circle, you can hang around with them, have house parties with them, and they might as well become your best friends with time. You don’t even have to worry about passing out as your roommate will always be around and have your back.

Living with roommates

2. Second Wardrobe

Don’t have a formal wear but you need it today? Surrender yourself to your roommate’s closet and you’re ready. Not having enough clothes isn’t a problem anymore as you can share them with your roommates (if they are the same size as you). You can also expect your roommates to be totally honest with you when it comes to outfits, so you don’t go out looking like a complete idiot.

Living with roommates

3. Coming home to someone

You don’t have to come home to a fridge and television everyday. Having a roommate makes you look forward to going home. Making plans, planning parties or even gossiping normally becomes your daily routine. Worrying about what to do when you get home isn’t a problem when you live with roommates, because something or the other always comes up.

Living with roommates

4. Rent is cheap

When you live with a roommate, rent is obviously shared among everyone. This helps in you ultimately saving a lot of money. Rent becomes cheap and as everything is shared, you don’t have to pay a lot of money. Bills, or even grocery for that matter gets shared between the roommates, which reduces expenses and simplifies life financially to a great extent.

Living with roommates

5. Pep talk

Feeling low or not confident about yourself? Roommate to the rescue! Everyone has this phase when they don’t believe in themselves. But when you’re living with someone, you rely on that person to make you feel better by building up your confidence and giving you pep talks. Roommates become family when you live with them for a longer time, sometimes, they know you better than your family.

Living with roommates


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