Perks Of Having A Gujarati Roommate

Perks Of Having A Gujarati Roommate

Whether you’re living with them or not, Gujjus are the best people to be with. And when you get to share an apartment with them, you realize that they’re a blessing. There are certain things you need to compromise with when it come to living with Gujju roommates like the TV being reserved from 8:30 to 9:00 as that’s their TMKOC time, controlling them during Navratri and watching reruns of Chhelo Divas. But other than that, they’re absolute sweethearts. Following are some of the perks of having a Gujarati roommate –

1. Khakhra, Jalebi, Fafda on the go

With them around, you don’t have to worry about deciding what to eat or snacking when hungry. They always have Khakhra and Fafda in abundance. Even if they don’t, they remember the recipe to each by heart, so they can always cook you delicious Dhoklas whenever you want them. Big foodies as they themselves are, you can never be out of food, especially when they are handling the kitchen. It’s like living with your mom, only that they don’t keep calling you every twenty minutes to ask where you are.

Perks Of Having A Gujarati Roommate

2. Food heaven when their moms visit

Your Gujju roommate learned all that he/she knows about food from their moms who should just participate in Masterchef Australia as they’re food is absolutely scrumptious. If you’ve had a Gujju friend, you know what I’m talking about. Their mothers have often invited you for lunch/dinner and you’ve never wanted to leave that paradise. When your roommate’s mom comes to visit, you know you’re never going to bed hungry. Aunty will make sure you’ve had enough food for the coming ten days in one sitting. You always love it when their moms come over.

Perks Of Having A Gujarati Roommate

3. Budget expenditure

Everybody knows how economically Gujjus spend. And it’s not something to make fun of, but something to learn from. While you end up broke by the end of the month, your Gujju friend/roommate has enough money to buy many everything in the world. When you start living with a Gujju, you realize how foolishly you’ve been squandering away all your money. If you don’t realize that yourself, they’ll keep telling you how stupid you are and that’s how you learn to start spending only as much as you require.

Perks Of Having A Gujarati Roommate

4. Navratri is sort

If you’ve ever had a Gujju friend, you know how highly reactive they get when it’s Navratri time. They start preparing three months prior to the festival and live life to their fullest when it’s that time of the year. Living with a Gujju roommate, you’ll become a part of their hectic Navratri schedule and instead of complaining how loud the noise is, you’ll find yourself dancing along the beats. For nine days you become a very busy person, all thanks to your Gujju roommate who makes it a point to have loads of fun during the season.

Perks Of Having A Gujarati Roommate

5. Best people

Love them or hate them, you just can’t ignore them. Gujjus may be everything that you’ve heard from the various stereotypes surrounding them, but they are unapologetic. You may make fun of them a lot but you know they’re the most kind-hearted and fun-loving souls in the inside. They’ll always be a part of your happiness and your sorrows, and you know you can count on them when it comes to friendship. Living with a Gujju roommate is one of life’s best experiences which you might know if you’re already living with one.

Perks Of Having A Gujarati Roommate

6. 3rd Language

If you’ve ever seen a Gujju talk on the phone, you know that most of the time they speak in Gujarati. When you start living with a Gujju roommate, you learn Gujarati yourself because of the amount of the language you’ve been hearing all the time. In fact, you become so affluent in the language that you can have hour long conversations with them without a single mistake. And this, let me tell you, happens unknowingly. From Kem Chho to correcting the Gujarati of others, you come a long way, all thanks to them.

Perks Of Having A Gujarati Roommate

7. Knowledge of stock market and business

There’s no doubt about Gujaratis conquering the business worldwide. Most millionaires and billionaires in the world today are Gujjus. Your Gujju roommate wants to make it big in business which is why he religiously follows the Market ups and downs and investments. Living with them, you start understanding the world of business which used to be all Greek to you once and start taking interest. In the end, you are sure that even if you couldn’t make it big in studying, you’ll end up being someone big because of the knowledge your Gujju roommate gave you.

Perks Of Having A Gujarati Roommate

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