Living With A South Indian Roommate

Living With A South Indian Roommate


Bollywood has stereotyped South Indians so much, that we believe they are like that in reality. However, they are not. They are far more intelligent, smart and awesome people. You get to know them when they’re your friends, and even better when you have the privilege to live with them. Here’s how it’s like to be living with south Indian roommates –

1. Sorted breakfasts

You probably know by now that south Indian have officially won the breakfast game in India. Idli, dosa, upma, medu vada are delicacies that the south Indians have blessed us with. Living with one, there’s one thing that you can strike off your to-do list, and that’s worrying about what to eat for breakfast. Growing up, they were self-dependent when it came to feeding themselves, and that’s how they took all your food related troubles away.

Living With A South Indian Roommate

2. Debate sessions

North and South are two opposite poles, just like a North Indian and a South Indian. When you are a north Indian living with a south Indian, every moment is a debate session where each put forth reasons as to why one is better than the other. The argument becomes so intense at times, a police force is required to get you from stop hitting each other. But you low key enjoy these sessions with them because they get very passionate about it.

Living With A South Indian Roommate

3. Movies

Everyone makes fun of South Indian movies mostly because what we get to see is the dubbed Hindi version which hardly makes any sense. If you’ve only seen the dubbed Hindi versions, you probably tease your roommate about them being so illogical and funny while they may be some of the classic movies in South India. They’ll always defend them and give you reasons why you should not be making fun of them.

Living With A South Indian Roommate

4. Love for Rajinikanth

If there’s anything that binds us all together, the north and south Indians, it is the mutual love and respect for Rajinikanth. This is one place your ideologies and opinions match, and you don’t argue for once. You both spend days talking about Rajini Da and his amazing style that can put all these young heroes to shame. Whenever his new movie is about to release, you both get really excited to watch him on the wide screen.

Living With A South Indian Roommate

5. Best friends

South Indians are such cute and amazing people to befriend, you can never get tired of being with them. They’re outspoken, aren’t afraid to say what is in their mind and are one of the most faithful people. They care about the people they love, and if you’re one of them, you’re the most luckiest person in the world. Having the best taste and knowledge in everything, you always has someone to go and take advises from.

Living With A South Indian Roommate

You’re all awesome.

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