Living With A Bengali Roommate

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From food to sports, there’s nothing Bengalis don’t excel in. They are full of joy and keep spreading their positive vibes everywhere they go. It gets even better when you live with one. Here’s how it’s like to be living with a Bengali roommate –

1. Durga Pujo

As Navratri is for Gujjus, Durga Pujo is for Bengalis. Mostly around September and October, the festival is celebrated with full enthusiasm by Bengalis. If you have a Bengali roommate, you look forward to this time of the year. Durga Pujo is not a festival, it’s a full-fledged carnival. From visiting pandals to making you eat scrumptious food for nine days, they’ll turn you into a Bengali. You wouldn’t really mind being one because Bengalis are awesome anyway.

Living With A Bengali Roommate

2. Roshogulla

If there’s anything West Bengal is famous for, it’s the warmth of the Bengalis and their sweets. Roshogullas, Mohan Bhog, Chom Chom, Lobongo Latika are among the mouth-watering sweets Bengalis make. Having a Bengali roommate means a lifetime free supply of these sweets that they receive from their family on every occasion. You’re guilty of eating it all without giving it to them because they’ve already grown up around all these which is not fair to other non-Bengali people. Before you give them the greetings of the festival, you ask where is the mithaai because priorities.

Living With A Bengali Roommate

3. Bhaalo bhaashi

Your knowledge of Bengali is only limited to everything you’ve heard from Monjolika from Bhool Bhulaiya. You always say silly things in front of your Bengali roommates like “Aami Monjolika” trying to act funny but they’ve always given you the ‘shut the fuck up’ look. It’s so much fun trying to converse in Bengali because the language is so cool, but also complicated which is why we’ll always be stuck with “Aami tumhake bhaalo bhaashi“. But we don’t give up because it’s fun to watch our Bengali roommates cringe at the way we pronounce every word.

Living With A Bengali Roommate

4. Funny nicknames

Every true Bengali has a Daak Naam, which means a nickname. They try very hard to hide it from us, but thanks to their relatives and family members who address them with their daak naam on phone calls and social media, we know what it is. Bengalis have really funny nicknames that are also cool, which makes you feel jealous somehow because you were never lucky enough to be called by a name like that. Potol, Tuktuk, Babai, Shona are just some of the many nicknames Bengalis have. When living with a Bengali roommate, you not only get to know their Daak naam eventually, but also start addressing them by that name.

Living With A Bengali Roommate

5. Fish fry

This is one thing you won’t be getting during Durga Pujo but is available on demand every other time of the year. As we all know, the secret of the glowing skin of Bengalis is the regular intake of fish they have. If you live with a Bengali roommate, they mostly know the recipe to their mom’s delicious fish fry which they are supposed to make every week. And not only fish fry, there’s many dishes in the Bengali cuisine that you ask your roommates to make for you. Your food desires are fulfilled when their mothers are visiting making it a paradise. You love your Bengali roommates mostly because they are a blessing for your taste buds, and also because they’re amazing people.

Living With A Bengali Roommate

6. Fun People

Bengalis are generally responsible and fun-loving people with a well endowed sense of humour that can leave you into splits. They are the best choice to go shopping with as they have a good eye in everything. Your Bengali roommate does all the work when it comes to planning and house decorum and you never even try to question their choices because you know nobody could have done it better than them. More than that, they make the best friends and you can always rely on them. They’ll always have the most rational response and solution to all your problems. They’re just the best people to be and live with.

Living With A Bengali Roommate

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