Annoying Roommates

Dealing With Annoying Roommates

Renting an apartment is a task in itself. After months of searching for a place you can call home, you finally get one. But all the efforts go in vain when you get an annoying roommate. You can always look for a different place but do you really want to go through the whole process again? There’s a better solution, an easier one. Here’s your guide to dealing with annoying roommates –

1. Understand them
The very first step to dealing with annoying roommates is try and understand what is their problem in life. If you can figure that out, good. If you can’t, try to give them a little more time. They might change their ways, when they see you’re being patient with them. If they don’t change their ways, it’s time to move to the next step.

Annoying Roommates

2. Find a solution
When all your energy goes in understanding their ways but you still can’t figure them out, you need to find a solution. This has to be your silent way of tackling the problem that is your roommate and his/her ways. In whatever way they’re being annoying, just have a list of solutions ready to deal with them.

Annoying Roommates

3. Talk it out
There will come a point where you’ll be done with their nonsense. Everyone has limits, but your roommate’s annoyance doesn’t. So before you throw them off a cliff or beat them to death, it would be best advised if you spoke to them. You should tell them how you hate when they are annoying and need them to tone it down a bit.

Annoying Roommates

4. Annoy back
When you have a sibling, you have years of experience is dealing with annoying people. Use some of those tactics on your annoying roommate. When they do something that pisses you off, do something that annoys them. Let them know you’re not going to tolerate their nonsense anymore. Show them what you are.

Annoying Roommates

5. Declare war
When it comes to the annoying game, you’re better than they are. If you really show your annoying side, it’s going to get difficult for them to live with you. But hey, they brought this upon themselves. Declare war. You are not going to back down. Continue it till they realize they either need to stop or move out.

Annoying Roommates

Or you could just throw a chair at them.

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