Signs of a bad roommate

25 signs of a bad roommate

A good roommate is someone who cooks delicious meals, gives you pep talks when you’re low, carries you safely back home when you’re high and doesn’t make a fuss about small issues. Finding a good roommate is tough, and if you have one, go give them a hug now. They deserve all the love and attention but don’t get too creepy, they might share this on your Facebook page.

Exactly opposite of them are the bad roommates. 25 signs that you have a bad roommate, and if even one of the qualities matches with your roommate, run for your life. Move out, delete their number, break all contacts with them.

  1. Shows up in your room in the middle of the night asking for advises on relationships.
  2. Doesn’t do his share of duties and always burdens you with more work.
  3. Has zero regard for cleanliness and hygiene.
  4. Takes up 12 hours in the bathroom, especially when you have to go to work.
  5. Doesn’t allow you to host parties at the apartment, but hosts parties of his/her own every other night.
  6. Calls you every minute while at work for stupid reasons.
  7. Doesn’t give you enough closet space.
  8. Doesn’t share food with you but jumps at the last piece of pizza from your plate and doesn’t even apologize.
  9. Complains about you to the landlord behind your back.
  10. Doesn’t pay rent on time.
  11. Keeps stealing your clothes and doesn’t return them back, even after asking.
  12. Doesn’t contribute towards anything that needs immediate attention in the apartment.
  13. Keeps watching television all day and doesn’t let you watch your favourite show. 
  14. Passes out on the couch every night.
  15. Dirties the apartment and doesn’t even clean it by himself/herself.
  16. Disregards your boundaries and doesn’t give you privacy.
  17. Checks your phone without your permission and texts random people or puts up lame status updates on Facebook.
  18. Takes pictures of you while sleeping and uploads them on Instagram and tags you.
  19. Secretly worships Satan and is planning to sacrifice you.
  20. Lies to you about not eating the leftover food you were looking forward to eat the other day.
  21. Hates Friends and Game Of Thrones.
  22. Is on Team Ross.
  23. Tries to strangle you in your sleep or just stands in your room eerily with a knife looking at your face.
  24. Puts the ketchup on the fries instead of putting it at the side.
  25. Likes Joffrey and Ramsay.


Move out, immediately.

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